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Indiana Routs CofC in Game Two

to hit two triples in a game all-time at Indiana. His first gave IU a 3-0 lead in the fifth and the second scored IU's fifth run of the eighth inning for a 10-1 lead. Three of IU's extra-base hits came in the eighth, with Austin Cangelosi and Nolden ...

Friday's Indiana prep sums

Ike Mioduski 4-8 0-0 11, Dan Gholston 7-15 2-2 16, David Sorrell 2-7 0-0 4, Kyle Kaminski 4-7 0-0 10, Alec Schutkovske 1-4 0-0 2, Evan Stewart 1-5 1-1 3, Tristan Hesser 2-4 0-1 4, Ian McKay 0-1 0-0 0, Austin Bills 0-1 0-0 0, David Ooms 0-1 0-0 0 ...

10 Teams Built to Bust Brackets in the 2015 NCAA Tournament

Austin make noise, and we'll no doubt be graced with additional ...
Eastern Washington made a name for itself back in November when it went into Assembly Hall and upset Indiana, 88-86. That came only two days after losing by nine at SMU and three weeks ...

Indiana may allow 'baby boxes' for surrendering newborns

But what's inside could save an abandoned newborn's life. The box is actually a newborn incubator, or baby box, and it could be showing up soon at Indiana hospitals, fire stations, churches and selected nonprofits under legislation that would give mothers ...

Indiana man arrested with gun at O’Hare

An Indiana man was arrested Tuesday morning with a handgun and loaded magazine in his carry-on bag at O'Hare International Airport. Police are cautioning West Side residents after a string of four armed robberies over the last month in the Austin neighborhood.

Indiana Travels To College of Charleston for Weekend Series

Virginia Tech) to head up the Hoosier attack. Donley leads all Indiana hitters batting .391, with nine hits and five runs scored. Sophomore infielder Austin Cangelosi (Orland Park, Ill./Carl Sandburg) will be one to watch as well over the series as the ...

HIV outbreak in 5 Indiana counties linked to needle-sharing

The Scott County town of Austin had a large number of the cases ...
Those infected range in age from 20 to 56, but most are in their mid-30s. Indiana sees about 500 new HIV cases each year, and as of early 2013, nearly 11,000 Indiana residents had either ...

Austin Peay State University Governors Tennis comes back to beat Southern Indiana Screaming Eagles 5-2

In doubles play, the No. 2 pairing of sophomore Aaron Jumonville and senior Aleksas Tverijonas claimed an 8-3 decision for Austin Peay (4-2). Unfortunately, Southern Indiana (4-1) earned 8-6 victories in the other two matches to claim the doubles point.

Austin Mack To Visit Notre Dame In March

Fort Wayne (Ind.) Bishop Luers four-star wide receiver Austin Mack has informed Irish247 that he will be at Notre Dame's junior day on March 21. The 6-2, 205-pounder, who is expected to announce a commitment later this summer, is looking heavily at Notre ...

Anything is Possible at Any Age: A Travel Guide to Austin, Texas

Austin is an endless visual feast with so much to do that I ...
Cheers to all the new people I have met from New York, Indiana, Chicago, Los Angeles, New Jersey and Austinites who chirp y'all with conviction. Cheers to those who have sold everything ...

Free Fun in Austin for Feb. 27-Mar. 1

AUSTIN (KXAN)- Need help planning your weekend? Our partners at Free Fun in Austin have these suggestions. 1.    People’s Gallery Opening Reception – Friday, February 27 from 6-9 p.m. Celebrate Austi…

Mary in Austin: Part 1

Austin by Day I went to Austin, Texas this past weekend. Why? It was on my bucket list of U.S. cities for about a year, due to its subliminal infiltration of my mind. I just kept reading about the cit…

Odd Duck: Rustic-Contemporary Farm-to-Table Dining in Austin

Borne out of humble beginnings as a food truck hunting down the best farm-sourced ingredients, Odd Duck brings farm-to-table cuisine to Austin. In a modern-rustic setting, this 110-seat eatery serves …

The Emerald Restaurant: Authentic Irish Cuisine in Austin

Celebrate a special occasion with an authentic meal at The Emerald Restaurant in Austin, Texas. The restaurant's 1927 cottage setting is decorated with Irish lace and china. The quaint ambiance transp…

Ng BMT: Banh Mi and More in Austin

Although its name sounds like a secret code that only Austin locals understand, Ng BMT is actually a Vietnamese sandwich spot located within the Hong Kong Supermarket. This unique sandwich cafe-meets-…

Police warn of robberies in Austin

Police are warning West Side residents after a string of robberies in South Austin. Police warn of robberies in Austin

Roaring Fork: Burgers, Brunch, and More in Austin

The Roaring Fork was created with the idea of old-fashioned American cuisine in mind, cooked over an open fire and bursting with bold, smoky flavor. Each dish is cooked over a wood fire rotisserie to …

Katherine Fleischer Park: A Community Gem in Austin

Katherine Fleischer Park is a favorite among Austin residents. This community green space is home to a soccer and baseball fields, as well as tennis and basketball courts. You'll even find a sand voll…

Free Fun in Austin for week of Feb 23-Feb 27

AUSTIN (KXAN) — You can listen to music and check out lots of local artwork this week. Here are some recommendations for our friends at Free Fun in Austin. 1.    Quiet Company In-Store Performance – …

Free Fun in Austin for Feb. 21-22

AUSTIN (KXAN) – Spend your weekend without spending a dime with these recommendations from our friends at Free Fun in Austin. 1.    Chinatown Center Celebration – Saturday, February 21, from 10 a.m. …


Schools and libraries with Wi-Fi in AUSTIN INDIANA ?

In June 2013, I joined the President in Mooresville, NC, to launch ConnectED – an initiative to close the technology gap in our schools and bring high-speed Internet to 99 percent of America’s students within five years. This vision – that all students should have access to world-class digital learning – is well on its way to becoming a reality.

Thanks to the leadership of the President and the FCC, the resources are in place to meet the President’s connectivity goal. In addition, various private-sector partners are making over $2 billion worth of resources available to students, teachers, and schools. These include tablets, mobile broadband, software, and online teacher professional development courses from top universities. Fewer than 40 percent of public schools currently have the high-speed Internet needed to support modern digital learning.

But now we have the resources to solve this problem. We just need help from our nation’s superintendents and school technology chiefs.

Last year, the FCC approved the first major update to the E-Rate program since it was created in 1997. E-Rate (also known as the Universal Service Program for Schools and Libraries) makes it more affordable for schools and libraries to connect to high-speed Internet – with the goal of making the gigabit speeds we see in cities like Cedar Falls, Iowa, and Chattanooga, Tennessee the norm in schools across the country.

These updates have unlocked funding to support internal Wi-Fi network upgrades in schools and libraries this year for the first time since 2012. Wi-Fi is important because no matter how fast the Internet connection is to a school, students can’t take full advantage of it without a robust wireless network within the school.

To secure E-rate support for Wi-Fi, schools and libraries must submit a form describing their project needs to the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC). USAC then posts the request for competitive bidding. The Department of Education has prepared an Infrastructure Guide to help district leaders navigate the many decisions required to deliver cutting-edge connectivity to students. That said, schools and libraries have the final say when they submit an application to USAC for approval.

Bringing our schools up to speed is a major priority, and E-rate provides an opportunity to make doing so much more affordable. For all of the superintendents and technology officers: If you haven’t yet done so, get your requests submitted by February 26, 2015, and your applications in before March 26, 2015 (requests must be up for 28 days before a school can choose a vendor). Your students, your community, and your country will thank you for bringing our classrooms into the 21st century. [20]


Campaign in AUSTIN INDIANA: the importance of eating fish !!!

Key message

Eat 200-350 grams of a variety of fish * each week preferably those that are low in mercury. The nutritional value of fish is important for the growth and development before birth, in infancy for breastfed infants and children.

Who should know

Women who are pregnant (or might be pregnant) or breastfeeding. Whoever feeds young children.

What to do

1. Eat 200-350 grams of a variety of fish a week.

    • That is 2 or 3 servings of fish a week.
    • For young children, give them 2 or 3 servings of fish a week acurdo with age and calorie needs.
2. Choose fish low in mercury.
    • Many of the fish we eat most often are lower in mercury.
    • These include salmon, shrimp, haddock, tuna (canned light), tilapia, catfish and cod.
3. Avoid 4 types of fish: tilefish from the Gulf of Mexico, shark, swordfish and king mackerel.
    • These 4 types of fish are higher in mercury.
    • Limit white tuna (albacore) to 159 grams a week.
4. When consumption is fish you have caught or other streams, rivers and lakes, heed warnings signs in water bodies.
    • If the advice is not available, adults should limit this type of fish to 150 grams a week and toddlers in 30-80 grams a week.
5. To add more fish to your diet, be sure to stay within your calorie needs.

Why this advice is relevant

Fish contains important nutrients to developing fetuses, babies who are breastfed and young children. Fish provides health benefits for the general public. Many people do not currently fish eat the recommended amount.


How can I prepare for breastfeeding before I give birth?

baby-breastfeedingTo prepare for breastfeeding, the most important thing you can do is have confidence in yourself and to plan ahead. Committing to breastfeeding starts with the conviction that you can do it! Other steps you can take to prepare for breastfeeding are:
  • Get good prenatal care, which can help you avoid early delivery. Babies born too early have more problems with breastfeeding.
  • Tell your doctor about your plans to breastfeed, and ask if the place where you plan to deliver your baby has the staff and setup to support successful breastfeeding. Some hospitals and birth centers have taken special steps to create the best possible environment for successful breastfeeding. These places are called Baby-Friendly Hospitals and Birth Centers.
  • Take a breastfeeding class. Pregnant women who comprehend about how to breastfeed are more likely to be successful at breastfeeding than those who do not. Breastfeeding classes offer pregnant women and their partners the chance to prepare and ask questions before the baby´s arrival.
  • Ask your doctor to recommend a lactation consultant. You can establish a contact with a lactation consultant before the baby comes so that you will have support ready after the baby is born.
  • Talk to your doctor about your health. Discuss any breast surgery or injury you may have had. If you have depression, or are taking supplements or medicines, talk with your doctor about treatments that can work with breastfeeding.
  • Tell your doctor that you would like to breastfeed as soon as possible after delivery. The sucking instinct is very strong within the baby´s first hour of life.
  • Talk to friends who have breastfed, or consider joining a breastfeeding support group.
  • Talk to fathers, partners, and other family members about how they can help you successfully breastfeed. Partners and family members can:
    • Support your breastfeeding by being kind and encouraging
    • Show their love and appreciation for all of the work that goes into breastfeeding
    • Be good listeners if you need to talk about any breastfeeding concerns you might have
    • Help make sure you have enough to drink and get enough rest
    • Help around the house
    • Take care of any other children who are at home
    • Give the baby love through playing and cuddling
  • Get the items you will need for breastfeeding, such as nursing bras, covers, and nursing pillows.


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