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Springfield's steps toward casino reality worth watching in New Bedford

That could be a far cry from New Bedford's experience should it win the sole Region C license in southeastern Massachusetts. Barrow said a New Bedford casino would draw mainly from Bristol, Plymouth and Barnstable counties, with an added bonus during ...

Deltona to use Internet to interview city manager hopefuls

Barnstable County, Massachusetts, administrator, at 7 p.m. The city manager job is advertised to pay between $130,000 and $150,000, with the winning candidate being required by the city charter to move to Deltona.

Latest Job Openings In and Near Barnstable-Hyannis: Patch Jobs Board

The Patch Job Board makes it easy to search for a full-time, part-time or seasonal positions right here in town. With thousands of available positions, you’ll find the right opportunity to fit your education, location and specific criteria. You can also ...

Governor asks federal government for disaster relief

Gov. Charlie Baker has formally requested a major disaster declaration for 10 counties across Massachusetts, including Barnstable, Dukes and Nantucket, based on the severe winter weather that hammered the state this year. In a 22-page letter sent Friday to ...

Massachusetts Governor Asks for Snow Disaster Declaration

Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker formally asked the federal ...
The state is also asking Obama to issue a major disaster declaration for Barnstable, Bristol, Dukes, Essex, Middlesex, Nantucket, Norfolk, Plymouth and Worcester counties.

Barnstable, Massachusetts Vacation Rentals

Barnstable, Massachusetts offers great vacation house rental and home rental-by-owner deals for the knowledgeable traveler. No matter what budget or level of comfort you seek in your holiday to Barnstable, MA, there's surely a great local vacation home ...

Parkinson Network joins Massachusetts chapter

Barnstable County AmeriCorps Cape Cod is recruiting for ...
Donate your car Your car or truck may be worth more as a donation than a trade-in. Call the Massachusetts Association for the Blind at 888-613-2777 for more details. These include a free tow ...

Unemployment Rates Largely Down Across Massachusetts

Since last February, all 15 areas added jobs, with the largest percentage gains in the Barnstable, Lynn-Saugus-Marblehead ...
The labor force, unemployment rates, and job estimates for Massachusetts, and for every other state, are based on several ...

Barnstable sheriff hands out drug that blocks opioid, alcohol highs

Since 2012, Vivitrol, the brand name of a drug developed to fight alcohol dependence, has been administered to 100 inmates leaving jail in Barnstable County and the sheriff there, James Cummings, has been talking about his pilot program with correctional ...

Barnstable women mean business

Commissioned by American Express and conducted by the financial website NerdWallet, the study placed Barnstable between Washington, D.C., and San Francisco, and named it the friendliest community in Massachusetts for women entrepreneurs; Boston ranked ...

Another Property Sold in Barnstable, MA

Barnstable, MA: This Single-Family in Barnstable, MA recently sold for $368,500. This is a Gambrel style home and features 6 total rooms, 2 full baths, 3 bedrooms, 1.02 acres, and was sold by Nil…

DUI Attorney Barnstable Town MA

http://findbestduiattorne table-town-ma.html

Carpenter Barnstable (MA) – Barnstable Carpenters

Carpenter Barnstable (MA) Lending helping hands when you need masterpieces built in Barnstable (MA). Papa’s Carpenter Specialists in Barnstable, Massachusetts work with, builds and fixes items and s…

Open house on 3/22/2015 at 113 Sunnywood Dr Barnstable, MA 02632

Date: 03/22/2015 Time: 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM   For Directions: feel free to contact me.   For more information: click here for the full details   One floor living close to town, shopping and the high…

Open house on 3/22/2015 at 113 Sunny-wood Dr Barnstable, MA 02632

Date: 03/22/2015 Time: 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM   For Directions: feel free to contact me.   For more information: click here for the full details   One floor living in a quiet neighborhood close to tow…

Single-Family – 113 Sunnywood Dr Barnstable, MA 02632 now has a new price of $329,000!

One floor living close to town, shopping and the highway. Ranch style home with 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, cathedral ceilings and a large deck. The living room has 3 skylights, ceiling fan, fireplace and sl…

Single-Family – 113 Sunny-wood Dr Barnstable, MA 02632 now has a new price of $329,000!

One floor living in a quiet neighborhood close to town, shopping, airport and the highway. Ranch style home with 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, cathedral ceilings and a large deck. The living room has 3 skyligh…

Video Tour – Single-Family Home – Barnstable, MA 02601 Real Estate – For Sale

Think SUMMER!! Charm, Charm, Charm….This Craftsman style Bungalow will sure to please and comes with an outstanding summer rental history of $1,800 – $2,200 per week! Recent exterior Paint, new electr…

Single-Family – 12 Dartmouth St Barnstable, MA 02601 is now new to the market!

Think SUMMER!! Charm, Charm, Charm….This Craftsman style Bungalow will sure to please and comes with an outstanding summer rental history of $1,800 – $2,200 per week! Recent exterior Paint, new electr…

Single-Family – 12 Dartmouth St Barnstable, MA 02601 now has a new price of $289,000!

Charm, Charm, Charm….This Craftsman style Bungalow will sure to please and comes with an outstanding summer rental history of $1,800 – $2,200 per week! Recent exterior Paint, new electric panel, newer…


People help people. Gods do not help people

HealthDay news image Organ transplants have saved more than two million years of life in the United States over a period of 25 years, new research shows.But fewer than half the people who needed a transplant in this period they received, according to a report in the online edition of the January 28 issue of the journalSurgery JAMA ."The critical shortage of donors continues to affect this field. Just 47.9 percent of patients on the waiting list during the 25 years of the study underwent a transplant. The need is increasing, and therefore the Organ donation should increase, "wrote Dr. Abbas Rana, Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, and colleagues. The researchers analyzed the medical records of more than 530,000 people receiving organ transplants between 1987 and 2012, and nearly 580,000 people who signed up for the waiting list but never received a transplant. In that period, transplants saved 2.2 million life years, with an average of just over four years saved for each person who received a transplant from a living body, the study authors noted in a news release from the journal . The number of years saved by type of organ transplant life were: kidney, 1.3 million years; liver, more than 460,000; heart, almost 270,000; lung, about 65,000: pancreas and kidney, nearly 80,000; pancreas, just under 15,000, and intestines, around 4,500. One expert noted the relevance of the findings. "This study highlights the importance of organ donation, and shows that solid organ transplants save lives. One organ donor can have an impact on up to 50 lives," said Dr. Kareem Abu-Elmagd, director of the Center for transplant at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio. "The field of transplantation continues to seek ways to save more lives," said Abu-Elmagd. "For example, the program of ex vivo perfusion of organs of the Cleveland Clinic has been studying perfusion technology to better preserve organs donated." Powered by infusion, a machine pumps oxygen and nutrients to the donated enriched to prevent damage or deterioration of the body prior to transplant into a patient waiting, according to the Cleveland Clinic organ solution. Baylor researchers suggested a direct solution. "We call for greater support of transplantation and solid organ donation, valuable efforts have an impressive record of achievements and tremendous potential to do even more good for humanity in the future," concluded the authors. HealthDay, translated by HispaniCare

SOURCES: Kareem Abu-Elmagd, MD, Ph.D., director, Cleveland Clinic´s Transplant Center, Ohio; JAMA Surgery , news release, Jan. 28, 2015



The Guardian and a warning to BARNSTABLE MASSACHUSETTS: Jehovah´s Witnesses´ silencing techniques, as terrifying as child abuse

Growing up in a Jehovah’s Witness family is different. As a child, I didn’t celebrate birthdays, Christmas or July 4. Nor did I, or anyone I knew, mix with non-Witness families in Little League or Girl Scouts. Instead, I spent much of my time sharing the “good news.” I used to go door-to-door on my own with a big, strong, well liked man in my congregation, named Jonathan. I was just 9 and 10 when he repeatedly sexually abused me.

It is really hard for kids to speak up when they’re abused. But the Jehovah’s Witnesses make it a lot harder.

They have a “2 Witness” rule, which says that anyone who accuses an adult of abuse must have a second witness. If there is no second witness, the accuser is punished for a false accusation - usually by ordering that no Witness may talk with or associate with the “false” accuser. This is called dis-fellowshipping. For a kid raised only with other Witnesses, it was horrifying. Even your parents would have to ignore you. It was more terrifying than Jonathan.

It was the elders of my congregation who had assigned Jonathan to team up with me. When we separated from the others, he forced me into his pick-up truck and drove us to his house. Then he would say “Let’s play”. It happened too many times. Like everyone else in the congregation, my parents liked “Brother” Jonathan and trusted him in our family.

My parents were consumed with some really huge problems in those years, and later divorced. I was emotionally alone - and wanted to be the best Jehovah’s Witness I could be. That’s why I went out to field service - the door to door ministry that Witnesses are known for.

What my parents didn’t know, was that Jonathan had sexually molested another girl in our congregation. The elders knew this and had kept it a secret. They were following orders from Watchtower leaders, based in the world headquarters in New York, who in 1989 had issued a top-secret instruction to keep known child sex abusers in the congregations a secret. This instruction became Exhibit 1 at my civil trial.

The elders and the Governing Body all knew that child molesters hide in religious groups and often are people who are likeable and friendly - like Jonathan. They knew molesters would likely do it again. But they chose to ignore the safety of the kids, in favor of protecting their image - and their bank account - from lawsuits. It was all in that 1989 letter.

A recent report by the Center for Investigative Reporting revealed that they have continued to issues directives urging silence around child abuse. Last November, elders were instructed to avoid taking criminal matters like child abuse to the authorities. Instead, they were told to handle them internally in confidential committees. The report also showed that Jehovah’s Witnesses evoke the First Amendment to hide sex abuse claims.

It took me learning about Jonathan’s other victims for me to speak up. In 2009, I looked on California’s Megan’s Law website, the state’s official list of registered sex offenders. There, I found he had been convicted a few years before for sexually abusing another 8-year-old girl. I felt horribly guilty that I hadn’t spoken up about him earlier. Now, I need to stop predators from doing this again.

The only way to end this abuse is by lifting this veil of secrecy once and for all.

In [27]

Schools and libraries with Wi-Fi in BARNSTABLE MASSACHUSETTS ?

In June 2013, I joined the President in Mooresville, NC, to launch ConnectED – an initiative to close the technology gap in our schools and bring high-speed Internet to 99 percent of America’s students within five years. This vision – that all students should have access to world-class digital learning – is well on its way to becoming a reality.

Thanks to the leadership of the President and the FCC, the resources are in place to meet the President’s connectivity goal. In addition, various private-sector partners are making over $2 billion worth of resources available to students, teachers, and schools. These include tablets, mobile broadband, software, and online teacher professional development courses from top universities. Fewer than 40 percent of public schools currently have the high-speed Internet needed to support modern digital learning.

But now we have the resources to solve this problem. We just need help from our nation’s superintendents and school technology chiefs.

Last year, the FCC approved the first major update to the E-Rate program since it was created in 1997. E-Rate (also known as the Universal Service Program for Schools and Libraries) makes it more affordable for schools and libraries to connect to high-speed Internet – with the goal of making the gigabit speeds we see in cities like Cedar Falls, Iowa, and Chattanooga, Tennessee the norm in schools across the country.

These updates have unlocked funding to support internal Wi-Fi network upgrades in schools and libraries this year for the first time since 2012. Wi-Fi is important because no matter how fast the Internet connection is to a school, students can’t take full advantage of it without a robust wireless network within the school.

To secure E-rate support for Wi-Fi, schools and libraries must submit a form describing their project needs to the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC). USAC then posts the request for competitive bidding. The Department of Education has prepared an Infrastructure Guide to help district leaders navigate the many decisions required to deliver cutting-edge connectivity to students. That said, schools and libraries have the final say when they submit an application to USAC for approval.

Bringing our schools up to speed is a major priority, and E-rate provides an opportunity to make doing so much more affordable. For all of the superintendents and technology officers: If you haven’t yet done so, get your requests submitted by February 26, 2015, and your applications in before March 26, 2015 (requests must be up for 28 days before a school can choose a vendor). Your students, your community, and your country will thank you for bringing our classrooms into the 21st century. [20]


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