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Veteran coach Sid Maxwell to take over Dawson County football

DAWSONVILLE -- Dawson County football made it official on Tuesday night, naming Sid Maxwell as its new head coach. Maxwell, a 20-year coaching veteran, was approved at the Dawson County Board of Education meeting and will take over from Jeff Lee, who ...

The most adorable Weekend Preview ever!

This video is full of adorable baby goats, lambs, kangaroos and (somewhat icky) baby anaconda! Weekend Preview features Wild, Wild West Art Show in Dawsonville and Bouncing Babies at North Georgia Zoo.

County Tangled in Florida vs. Georgia Water Wars

Three weeks ago, Georgia attorneys attempted to shutdown arguments fro ...
to require Dawson County to produce documents maintained and controlled by the City of Dawsonville and/or Etowah Water and Sewer Authority," Homans' response reads, "and Dawson ...

Georgia capitol session at its half-way point

On Saturday we will be meeting at 9 a.m. at Ryan's in Dawsonville. I encourage you to come join us ...
656-0152 or by email at kevin.tanner@house.ga.gov .

Nicholasville man arrested in Georgia for Lexington bank robberies

(WKYT) - A Nicholasville man was arrested in connection to two Lexington bank robberies. Cody Arnett, 29, was arrested in Dawsonville, Georgia on Monday. Police say he robbed the People's Exchange Bank on Clays Mill Road on November 25. Police say he then ...

Rep. Tanner Backs Off No Knock Reform, as Sens. Stone, Fort Push Forward

Kevin Tanner (R-Dawsonville) has backed off his no knock warrant “reform ...
which have killed and injured innocent Georgia citizens. The bills have bipartisan support and were expected to easily move through the process to become law.

Betty Ramsey Shealy

Mrs. Shealy is survived by 2 daughters: Tracy Kinard and her husband (Joe), Dublin, GA, Nancy Gravitt and her husband Todd, Dawsonville, GA; 3 grandchildren: Kristen Hoffmann, Dawsonville, GA, Lauren Kinard, Macon, GA, Joseph Kinard, Dublin, GA ...

Bank Robbery Suspect Back In Lexington To Face Charges

Marshals tracked Arnett down in Dawsonville, Ga., on Dec. 29. Officials say he is also a suspect in the robbery of a Kroger store there. Arnett is scheduled to appear in court in Lexington Tuesday on charges including two counts of first degree robbery and ...

Dorothy Craig

She was born Nov. 6, 1932, to Otis and Ettie Adams in Leachville, Arkansas. Dorothy is survived by her children, Virgil Lee Hickam of Dawsonville, Georgia; Danny Ray (Tina) Hickam of Belton, Missouri; Mildred Diane Hickman of Belton, Missouri; Dennis James ...

Buc's Get New Football Coach Out of the Peach State

That new coach is Jeff Lee who comes south after a 12 year stint as the head coach at Dawson High School in Dawsonville, Georgia. Coach Lee resigned from that job a few months ago, coming off a 2-8 season. Lee's record 48-74, with two playoff appearances ...

Mid-State Manufacturing, After Its Devastating January Fire in Mount Ulla, Will Not Be Reopening

RFP Staff ♦ Sadly we were informed today by sources inside of Rowan County government that Mid-State Manufacturing at 2960 Corriher Grange Road in MT. Ulla, after suffering its devastating January fi…

Beautiful Morning On Thompson Creek!

It's a beautiful morning here on Thompson Creek in Dawsonville!! I just came up for a brief HVAC inspection, walked out to the dock and took some of these beautiful photos. Not quite as chilly this mo…

Dungey Brings Home Third Monster Energy Supercross Win of 2015 in Atlanta

Musquin Becomes First Two-Time Winner in Eastern Regional 250SX Class Competition ATLANTA, GA – March 1, 2015 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – Red Bull/KTM’s Ryan Dungey became the first three-time Monst…

I will never shop in another Children’s Place, especially the one located at the Dawsonville Outlet Mall. Rude, unhelpful employees and what children’s clothing store doesn’t have a dressing room??!! Sorry but I don’t have the time to buy something, hope i

From Sherry Richardson Moon: I will never shop in another Children’s Place, especially the one located at the Dawsonville Outlet Mall. Rude, unhelpful employees and what children’s clothing store d…

I will never shop in another Children’s Place, especially the one located at the Dawsonville Outlet Mall. Rude, unhelpful employees and what children’s clothing store doesn’t have a dressing room??!! Sorry but I don’t have the time to buy something, hope i

From Sherry Richardson Moon: I will never shop in another Children’s Place, especially the one located at the Dawsonville Outlet Mall. Rude, unhelpful employees and what children’s clothing store d…

I will never shop in another Children’s Place, especially the one located at the Dawsonville Outlet Mall. Rude, unhelpful employees and what children’s clothing store doesn’t have a dressing room??!! Sorry but I don’t have the time to buy something, hope i

From Sherry Richardson Moon: I will never shop in another Children’s Place, especially the one located at the Dawsonville Outlet Mall. Rude, unhelpful employees and what children’s clothing store d…

Clanton Dominant In Late Model Action; Mark Smith King of the 360's At East Bay

My original plan for today was to get up early, write the story from my first attended race in 2015 and then make the nine hour drive home to then watch the Daytona 500 on the DVR. That was how I was …

Ranking Three Decades of Daytona 500s In My Life

There’s really nothing quite like the Daytona 500. So as we embark on the 57th Daytona 500 this Sunday, I decided to take a look at all the ones run in my lifetime. Fascinating enough, I actually hav…

Interested in careers in public affairs? Come meet awesome @UGA_SPIA alum @christiehaynes on Feb 13th at 3 pm in Candler Hall! More info:

Are you trying to figure out what you want to do with your SPIA major? What are people doing out there with political science and international affairs degrees? Yes? That why I’m excited to invite all…

Speedweeks Underway In Georgia

Speedweeks kicked off in earnest Thursday night with a pair of events in southern Georgia that saw plenty of action and even a bit of drama before the winners were determined. At the Screven Motor Spe…


A generic drug is an identical copy of another factory named

1. What are generic drugs?

A generic drug is an identical copy of another factory named. The same dosage, safety, strength, desired effect, how to use and final results, unless the trademark.

2. Are the equally safe generic drugs to leading factory name? 

Yes. The FDA requires that all drugs are safe and effective. Being that the generic use the same active ingredients and work in the body in the same way as the original, also have the same risks and benefits.

 3. Are the equally powerful to the original generic drugs?

Yes. The FDA requires that generic drugs are of the same quality, strength, purity and stability as their counterparts with factory name.

4. generic drugs need more time to work in the body?

No. Generic drugs work in the same way and for the same period of time the drugs trade name.

5. Why are generic drugs less expensive?

One of the main reasons is because the manufacturers of generic drugs did not have to invest money to the developers of the original drug spent on the new product. New drugs are developed and protected by a patent. The patent protects the investment-including research, development, distribution and advertising-giving the company the sole right to sell the drug while it remains in effect. When approaching the expiration of the patent, manufacturers pueded submit an application to the FDA to sell generic versions of the drug. Since these manufacturers do not incur these costs desarrolllo the product as the first, can sell the generic version at substantial discounts. There is also more competition and less advertising, which helps keep the price down. Today, almost half of all drug prescriptions are replaced with generic versions.

6. Are drugs with name brand, produced in more modern facilities than generic?

No. Both facilities must meet manufacturing requirements required by the FDA. The agency does not allow drug manufacturing facilities of inferior quality. The FDA annually conducts about 3,500 inspections to ensure that regulations are met. The signatures of generic drugs work comparable to those of drugs called factory facilities. Indeed, the producers of original drugs produce approximately about 50 percent of generic drugs; frequently make copies of their own brand and other firms that are sold without the original name.

7. If the name drugs and generic factory have the same active ingredients, why they look different?

In the United States the law does not allow a generic drug look exactly the same to another name or trademark. However, a generic drug must duplicate the active ingredient of the original. The colors, flavors and some inactive ingredients may be different.

8. Is it necessary that every drug has a generic equivalent?

No. When drugs called factory were introduced, most of which were protected by a patent for 17 years.This provided protection to the originator that covered the initial costs (including research and marketing expenses) to develop the new drug. However, when the patent expires, other companies can introduce genetic competing versions, but only after being put to thorough testing by the manufacturer and FDA approved.

 9. What is the best source of information about generic drugs?

Contact your doctor, pharmacist, or insurance company for more information about its generic drugs. You can also visit the FDA on the Internet: Understanding Generic Drugs. [5]


Make Your Health Benefits Work for You in DAWSONVILLE GEORGIA

The Department of Labor´s Employee Benefits Security Administration (EBSA) administers several important health benefit laws covering employer-based health plans. They govern your basic rights to information about how your health plan works, how to qualify for benefits, and how to make claims for benefits.

In addition, there are specific laws protecting your right to health benefits when you lose coverage or change jobs. EBSA also oversees health care laws covering special medical conditions. For more information on the laws that protect your benefits, see EBSA´s Website. Or call the agency toll free at 1-866-444-3272 to reach a regional office near you. These 10 tips can help make your health benefits work better for you.

1. Explore Your Options for Health Coverage

You have options for health coverage. There are many different types of health benefit plans. Find out what your employer offers, then check out the plan (or plans). Your employer´s human resource office, the health plan administrator, or your union can provide information to help you match your needs and preferences with the available plans. Or consider a health plan through the Health Insurance Marketplace. Visit HealthCare.gov to see the health plan options available in your area. Get information about all of your options and review it. The more information you have, the better your health care decisions will be.

2. Review the Benefits Available

Do the plans offered cover the benefits that are important to you, such as mental health services, well-baby care, vision or dental care? Are there deductibles? What are the out-of-pocket expenses you may face? Determine your needs and priorities. Compare all of your options before you decide which coverage to elect. Matching your needs and those of your family members will result in the best possible benefits. Cheapest may not always be best. Your goal is high quality health benefits.

3. Read Your Plan´s Summary Plan Description (SPD) for the Wealth of Information It Provides

Your health plan administrator should provide a copy. It outlines your benefits and your legal rights under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA), the Federal law that protects your health benefits. It also should contain information about the coverage of dependents, what services will require a co-payment or coinsurance, and the circumstances under which your employer can change or terminate a health benefits plan. You also can find many of the answers to your questions in the Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC), a short, easy-to-understand summary of what a plan covers and what it costs. You should receive a copy with your enrollment materials. Save the SPD, the SBC, and all other health plan brochures and documents, along with memos or correspondence from your employer relating to health benefits.

4. Use Your Health Coverage

Once your health coverage has started, use it to help cover medical costs for services like going to the doctor, filling prescriptions or getting emergency care. Using your benefits will help you and your family stay healthy and reduce your health care costs. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) provides many valuable protections for people enrolled in employment-based health plans including prohibiting preexisting condition exclusions and annual and lifetime limits on essential health benefits. What’s more, many plans cover certain preventive services for free, including routine vaccinations, regular well-baby and well-child visits, blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol tests, and many cancer screenings. You also can keep your children on your health plan until age 26. Take advantage of your benefits, especially free preventive care if your plan covers it. If you were required to pay cost-sharing for a preventive service, check your Explanation of Benefits and ensure that the provider billed the service properly.

5. Understand Your Plan’s Mental Health and Substance Use Coverage

Many health plans provide coverage for mental health and substance use disorder benefits. If a plan does offer these benefits, the financial requirements (such as co-payments and deductibles) and the quantitative treatment limits (such as visit limits) for the mental health and substance use disorder benefits cannot be more restrictive than the financial requirements or treatment limits applied to medical/surgical benefits. Plans also cannot impose lifetime and annual limits on the dollar amount of mental health and substance use disorder services, including behavioral health treatment. Some plans cover preventive services like screenings for depression and child behavioral assessments for free. Check your SPD and SBC to find out what your plan covers.

6. Look For Wellness Programs

More employers are establishing wellness programs that encourage employees to work out, stop smoking, and generally adopt healthier lifestyles. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the ACA encourage group health plans to adopt wellness programs but also includes protections for employees and dependents from impermissible discrimination based on a health factor. These programs often provide rewards such as cost savings as well as promoting good health. Check your SPD and SBC to see whether your plan offers a wellness program(s). If your plan does, find out what reward is offered and what you need to do to receive it.

7. Know How to File an Appeal if Your Health Benefits Claim is Denied

Understand your plan’s procedures for filing a claim for benefits and where to make appeals of the plan´s decisions. Pay attention to time limits – make sure you timely file claims and appeals and that the plan makes decisions on time. Keep records and copies of correspondence. Check your health benefits package and your SPD to determine who is responsible for handling problems with benefit claims. Contact EBSA for assistance if you are unable to obtain a response to your complaint.

8. Assess Your Benefits Coverage as Your Family Status Changes

Marriage, Porce, childbirth or adoption, the death of a spouse, and aging out of a parent’s health plan are life events that may signal a need to change your health benefits. You, your spouse, and your dependent children may be eligible for special enrollment into other employer health coverage or through the Health Insurance Marketplace. Even without life-changing events, the information provided by your employer should tell you how you can change benefits or switch plans. If you’re considering special enrollment, act quickly. You have 30 days after the life event to request special enrollment in other employer coverage or 60 days to select a plan in the Marketplace.

9. Be Aware that Changing Jobs and Other Work Events Can Affect Your Health Benefits

If you change employers or lose your job, you may need to find other health coverage. If you have a new job, consider enrolling in your new employer’s plan. Whether starting or losing a job, you may be eligible to special enroll in a spouse’s employer-sponsored plan or through the Health Insurance Marketplace. Under the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act – better known as COBRA – you, your covered spouse, and your dependent children may be eligible to continue coverage under your former employer-sponsored plan. This coverage is temporary (generally 18 to 36 months) and you may have to pay the entire premium plus a 2 percent administrative charge. Get information on your coverage options and compare. Be aware of the deadlines for deciding on coverage and find out when your new coverage will be effective.

10. Plan For Retirement

Before you retire, find out what health benefits, if any, extend to you and your spouse during your retirement years. Consult with your employer´s human resources office, your union, or the plan administrator. Check your SPD and other plan documents. Make sure there is no conflicting information among these sources about the benefits you will receive or the circumstances under which they can change or be eliminated. With this information in hand, you can make other important choices, like finding out if you are eligible for Medicare and Medigap insurance coverage. If you want to retire before you are eligible for Medicare and your employer does not provide health benefits in retirement, consider what you will do for health coverage. Your options may include enrolling in a spouse’s employer plan or in a Marketplace plan or temporarily continuing your employer coverage by electing COBRA. Planning for retirement includes planning for your health coverage in retirement. To find out more, read Taking the Mystery Out of Retirement Planning.

These Laws Can Help

  • The Employee Retirement Income Security Act – Offers protection for inPiduals enrolled in retirement, health, and other benefit plans sponsored by private-sector employers, and provides rights to information and a claims and appeals process for participants to get benefits from their plans.
  • The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act – Creates the Health Insurance Marketplace and provides protections for employment-based health coverage, including extending dependent coverage of children to age 26; prohibiting preexisting condition exclusions and prohibiting lifetime and annual limits on essential health benefits.
  • The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act – Contains provisions giving certain former employees, retirees, spouses, and dependent children the right to purchase temporary continuation of group health plan coverage at group rates in specific instances.
  • The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act – Allows employees, their spouses and their dependents to enroll in employer-provided health coverage regardless of open enrollment periods if they lose coverage or in the event of marriage, birth, adoption or placement for adoption. Also prohibits discrimination in health care coverage.
  • The Women´s Health and Cancer Rights Act – Offers protections for breast cancer patients who elect breast reconstruction in connection with a mastectomy.
  • The Newborns´ and Mothers´ Health Protection Act – Provides rules on minimum coverage for hospital lengths of stay following childbirth.
  • The Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act – Prohibits discrimination in group health plan premiums based on genetic information. Also, generally prohibits group health plans from requesting genetic information or requiring genetic tests.
  • The Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act and the Mental Health Parity Act – Requires parity in financial requirements and treatment limitations for mental health and substance use benefits with those for medical and surgical benefits.
  • The Children´s Health Insurance Program Reauthorization Act – Allows special enrollment in a group health plan if an employee or dependents lose coverage under CHIP or Medicaid or are eligible for premium assistance under those programs.

For More Information

Visit the Employee Benefits Security Administration’s Website to view the following publications. To order copies or to request assistance from a benefits advisor, contact EBSA electronically or call toll free 1-866-444-3272.


Found Unclaimed Money in DAWSONVILLE GEORGIA

What Is Unclaimed Money?

If the government owes you money and you do not collect it, then it’s unclaimed. This can also happen with banks, credit unions, pensions, and other sources.

Beware of unclaimed money scams. There are people who pretend to be the government and offer to send you unclaimed money for a fee. Government agencies will not call you about unclaimed money or assets. Learn how to spot these types of scams.

Currently, the government does not have one website for finding unclaimed money by name, Social Security number, or state. To find it, you’ll need to visit each site separately and perform a search.

States’ Unclaimed Money

  • Search by State  – Search your state’s listing of unclaimed funds and property.



Banking, Investments, and Currency

  • Bank Failures  – Search the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) for unclaimed funds from failed financial institutions.
  • Credit Union Failures  – Find unclaimed deposits from credit unions.
  • SEC Claims Funds  – The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) lists enforcement cases where a company or person owes investors money.
  • Damaged Money  – The Treasury Department will exchange mutilated or damaged U.S. currency.


  • FHA-Insurance Refunds  – If you had an FHA-insured mortgage, you may be eligible for a refund from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

Savings Bonds


  • Foreign Claims  – U.S. nationals can find money owed to them from foreign governments after loss of property.

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