Pro hockey: Everblades dominate Greenville

ESTERO — The Florida Everblades beefed up their defense with a trade this week. However, the Blades' offense stole the spotlight in a 4-0 victory over the Greenville Road Warriors at Germain Arena on Friday. Florida (28-7-1-3, 60 points), which extended ...

Road Warriors draw a blank against Florida’s York

FORT MYERS, Fla. – Florida Everblades goaltender Allen York entered Friday’s ECHL game against the Greenville Road Warriors with an impressive three shutouts in only 23 appearances. Make that four in 24. York turned back all 33 Road Warriors shots with ...

Preview: Warriors Battle 'Blades in Two Big Games this Weekend

The next night, former Warriors forward Tyler Brown (currently on loan to the AHL's Hartford Wolf Pack) notched his first pro hat trick, but Greenville fell 5-4. Last season, the Road Warriors never lost in regulation to Florida, going 7-0-3 during the ...

Armed Robbery In Greenville Co At Subway

Greenville County Sheriffs report that a Subway restaurant ...
Clemson University released the 2015 football schedule which features home games against Notre Dame and Florida State. The Tigers will play five of their opening six football games in Death ...

Gov. Scott drives $9.9 billion transportation budget

but I feel very confident how we're positioned," Boxold said during the Florida Chamber Foundation's 2015 Transportation Summit at the Honey Lake Plantation in Greenville. The transportation funding was included in a $77 billion budget proposal Scott ...

More than 1,000 bags of heroin seized in Greenville

GREENVILLE, N.C. - More than a thousand bags of heroin are ...
closer to reopening hospital Pungo Medical Center signed a contract with a hospital management group based out of Florida, making them one step closer to re-opening Pungo Hospital.

Belhaven hires Florida company to manage hospital

Belhaven has hired a Florida company to manage its hospital when it reopens ...
Pungo and hopefully perform more surgeries to keep patients from having to travel to Greenville. Stanger is hoping to have the hospital reopen by May or June.

Clemson, Greenville Tech creating $25M innovation center

Clemson University and Greenville Technical College are creating a new $25 ...
Political Currents (Monday - Friday) Keep up with the latest in politics - in Florida, the nation, Latin America and the Caribbean. Miami Herald is pleased to provide this ...

Greenville restaurants serve up Meat Week 2015

Pork, ribs, barbecue and brisket! Oh, my! Born a decade ago in Tallahassee, Florida, Meat Week has been making its way across the country. This year, the food fest is back in Greenville. Meat Week 2015 will bring 8 nights of feasting at different barbecue ...

Another Broken Egg Cafe Hatches in Greenville, with Events to Raise Money for Two Nonprofits

Greenville, SC ( ...
Double R operates multiple concepts and currently has 18 ABECs operating in Georgia, the Carolinas, Florida and Louisiana. Double R also recently announced its South Florida development agreement to open 40 ...


In GREENVILLE: Understanding Links Between Smoking & Weight

Maybe you quit smoking to do something good for your health, and now you’ve noticed the pounds adding up on the scale. Or maybe one of the reasons you’re not quite ready to quit is that you’re afraid of gaining weight.

Here are some of the reasons why some people gain weight when they quit:

  • Smoking lowers your appetite.
    Smoking cigarettes makes you feel less hungry. So, when you quit smoking, you might feel hungrier and then eat more than you used to eat.  
  • Smoking increases your metabolism.
    Smoking cigarettes increases your metabolism, so you burn more calories. So when you stop smoking, you may burn fewer calories which can lead to weight gain. 
  • Eating can be a substitute for smoking.
    Smoking gave you something to do with your hands and something to put in your mouth. For a lot of people, food replaces cigarettes. And the more you reach for food, the more likely it is that you will gain weight.
  • Eating may soothe the feelings that smoking used to soothe.
    Maybe smoking was your go-to when you were feeling bad. When you stop smoking, you may find that you turn to eating to feel better or to deal with stress—but this can backfire and result in weight gain.

The good news is that you can take charge of your weight even while quitting smoking. Check out Forever Free for more info about smoking and weight.



Avoid using heart rate monitors or take fetal pictures of "remembrance"

Ultrasonography is the most widely used medical method for imaging the fetus during pregnancy.

Fetal fetal ultrasonography provides images in real time.The fetal heart rate monitors Doppler ultrasonic devices are handheld devices that allow one to hear the heartbeat of the fetus. Both are prescription devices designed for use by trained health professionals. They are not intended for sale or use nonprescription medications, and FDA censorship categorically use to take videos and pictures of fetal keepsake.

"Although there is no evidence that there is any damage as a result of the ultrasound images and heart rate monitors, it is important that prudent use of these devices by providers trained health becomes" warns Dr . Shahram Vaezy, PhD, a biomedical engineer at the FDA."Ultrasound can gently heating the tissue and in some cases also create tiny bubbles (cavitation) in some of them."

The long-term effects of heating and cavitation of tissue are unknown. Therefore, ultrasonography should be performed only when there is a medical need, backed by a recipe and trained technicians.

The fetal keepsake videos are controversial, because exposing the fetus to ultrasound brings no medical benefit.The FDA knows of several companies that sell ultrasound imaging in the United States to fetal keepsake videos.In some cases, be that the ultrasound machine used for up to an hour to record a video of the fetus.

Although the FDA recognizes that fetal images can help strengthen the bonds between parents and the unborn baby, such opportunities are provided routinely during prenatal care. In creating fetal keepsake videos, there is no control over how long it will last one sonographic sign, how many sessions will be held or ultrasound systems work well. Instead, explains Dr. Veazy, "the proper use of ultrasound equipment covered by a prescription, ensures that pregnant women receive professional care that contributes to your health and your baby".

Heart Rate Monitors Doppler ultrasound:

Similar concerns surrounding the sale and use of heart rate monitors Doppler ultrasound. These devices, which are used to hear the heartbeat of the fetus, are lawfully marketed as "medical devices prescription", and can only be used by a health professional or under the supervision of one.

"When the product is purchased without a prescription and used without consulting a health care professional who is attending to the pregnant woman, there is no oversight on how the device is used. In addition, it is expected that exposure has little or no medical benefit, "says Dr. Vaezy. "Furthermore, the number of sessions, or duration, for the images of a fetus lack of controls, and that increases the possibility that the fetus and, ultimately, the mother damaged".


Capital to small businesses and entrepreneurs in GREENVILLE

The U.S. Treasury Department’s State Small Business Credit Initiative (SSBCI) today released a new Quarterly Report detailing how the program continues to help small businesses grow and create jobs. Since the beginning of the program, the Treasury Department has disbursed more than $1.1 billion to participating states.

“Through the State Small Business Credit Initiative, the Treasury Department, states, and private sector lenders and investors are supporting small businesses and creating a lasting impact on the economy,” said Clifton Kellogg, Director of the SSBCI program. “More than $1 billion in State Small Business Credit Initiative funds have been distributed, making a real difference at the local level. Because of these funds, businesses have been able to buy new equipment, expand their facilities, and hire workers.”

Small businesses and entrepreneurs need capital to build their businesses, and SSBCI is designed to help spur new private sector lending or investment in small companies by leveraging private capital along with the federal support offered by the program. Through SSBCI, the Treasury Department will award nearly $1.5 billion to state programs across the country that support small businesses, including small manufacturers. SSBCI funding is not repaid by participating states to the federal government. Instead, to help even more small businesses, repaid loans and investments remain with participating states to be redeployed locally. The SSBCI Quarterly Report shows that as of September 2014, participating states have recycled more than $60 million to support additional investments.

States have made considerable progress in deploying these funds to support economic growth locally. The states that have deployed the most SSBCI funds by percentage of allocation include: North Dakota (Mandan Consortium), Idaho, Arkansas, Colorado, Montana, South Carolina, New Hampshire, Michigan, Kansas, and Alabama. The states that have deployed the most SSBCI funds by dollar amount include: California, Michigan, Florida, Illinois, Alabama, North Carolina, Texas, New York, Ohio, and Georgia.

SSBCI was created when President Obama signed into law the Small Business Jobs Act on September 27, 2010. The Treasury Department awarded allocations to all fifty states by early 2012, based on a formula set by the Small Business Jobs Act that considered population and unemployment levels. Each state designs its own small business programs, and five types of programs are eligible for SSBCI funds: Capital Access Programs, Loan Guarantee Programs, Loan Participation Programs, Collateral Support Programs, and Venture Capital Programs. In the SSBCI 2013 Annual Report business owners reported that more than 95,000 jobs will be created or saved as a direct result of SSBCI support. [23]


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