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Cabinet High School Highlights

May 4: Needham 12, Souhegan 5 The Sabers lost their first game of the season, falling to an impressive Needham, Mass., squad, 12-5 ...
May 4: WLC 12, Hinsdale 0 Sara Holka and Lexi Balam combined to pitch a one-hitter, leading Wilton to a victory over ...

The Berkshires Calendar for May 6

Hinsdale Knit & Crochet Group ...
To register: Dave Paulson at David.Paulson@state.ma.us or 508-389-6366. Light refreshments. United Methodist Church, 6 Holmes Road, Lenox. Miss Hall's School: Screening of "Documented." 6:30 to 9 p.m. Free, but donations ...

117 South Shore Road Rd, Hinsdale, MA

LAKE PLUNKETT WATERFRONT! Experience year round, full time or weekend family fun in this contemporary lake house with two bedrooms, lower level den and family room. Additional loft sleeping options for kids/in-laws. Public sewer, clean motor-boating lake.

WAM Theatre to Present Developmental Workshop of HOLY LAUGHTER This Fall

WAM Theatre is also supported in part by grants from the Lee, Lenox, Hinsdale-Peru, Monterey, Northern Berkshire, Richmond, Washington, Windsor Cultural Councils, local agencies that are supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state agency.

Rare bird alert: Snowy owls seen on Seacoast, swallows return to NH

World End Pond is a 97 acre shallow water way hard against the New Hampshire and Massachusetts border ...
were seen at the Connecticut River in Hinsdale on April 21. Meanwhile, the central part of the state saw some returning flocks and individuals.

Hinsdale softball team sweeps doubleheader

HINSDALE, N.H. >> Megan Finnell was a perfect 8-for-8 at the ...
Freshman catcher Jamie Mahoney went 2-for-4 to lead the Colonels (1-2). EAST LONGMEADOW, MASS. >> After a scoreless first eight minutes, Brattleboro's Owen Schneider connected on two shots ...

Hinsdale gets new police chief; ex-chief may file lawsuit

HINSDALE, Mass. – This small town in the Berkshires is welcoming a new police chief, while preparing to defend a possible lawsuit from its former chief. Mark Smith, the new chief, is a 20-year veteran of the Granby Police Department and an instructor at ...

Community responds to help W. Mass. baseball team

HINSDALE, Mass.—The president of a western Massachusetts youth baseball league says he's been overwhelmed by community support after a field was vandalized and uniforms burned this month. Mick Lavinio of the Dalton-Hinsdale Little League says area ...

Hinsdale, Mass. Little League team's uniforms torched

HINSDALE — A western Massachusetts Little League coach arrived at practice over the weekend to find a still smoldering pile of uniforms that he intended to distribute to his players. Police say vandals caused an estimated $3,000 worth of damage probably ...

Hinsdale, Massachusetts Vacation Rentals

Located in the hearth of Lenox, Massachusetts, in perfect getaway, for any occasion. The Inn´s twelve guestrooms, recently restored, are each uniquely inviting. Choose from rooms with queen or king-sized beds, romantic canopies, brass, or sleigh beds ...

Porsche’s Results And Pictures In The TUSCC Rounds 3 & 4 At Laguna Seca

This past weekend saw the venerable Porsche 911 RSR and Porsche GT America competing in round 4 of the TUSCC GTLM category and round 3 of the GTD category, respectively. Driven by strong performance …

Colorado Asks Court To Dismiss Sheriff’s Pot Lawsuit

DENVER (AP) — Sheriffs in Colorado and two other states may not like legal marijuana, but they don’t have the ability to force Colorado not to allow it, Colorado argued Friday in a motion asking a jud…

Digest for alt.california@googlegrou ps.com - 25 updates in 3 topics

alt.california@googlegrou ps.com Google Groups …

10 of the Most Challenging High Schools in Illinois

A new report was released ranking the nation's most challenging high schools, and 72 schools in Illinois made the cut. The Washington Post ranked more than 2,300 high schools based on a formula it ca…

Walk the Walk for Autism in Hinsdale - WLS-TV

WLS-TV Walk the Walk for Autism in Hinsdale WLS-TV This exciting honor is given to the school with the highest percentage of participants at the "Walk the Walk" for Autism to be held at The Community …

Top 3 Tips for Home Buying this Spring: Chicago Western Suburban Real Estate

Spring, for many Chicago areas including the Western Suburbs, currently means more homes on the market, but also more buyers, fierce competition and a possible increase in prices. If you’re in the mar…

Carpenter Hinsdale (IL) – Hinsdale Carpenters

Carpenter Hinsdale (IL) Lending helping hands when you need masterpieces built in Hinsdale (IL). Papa’s Carpenter Specialists in Hinsdale, Illinois work with, builds and fixes items and structures m…

Hinsdale’s revenge.

Hinsdale’s Richard Skoda. While I have been focused on Tuesday’s results in Chicago, I have also kept an eye on my friends in HInsdale where there was a school board election. Electing a school boar…

Water Rescue At Motor Vehicle Accident In Hinsdale

https://www.facebook.com/ alleganyfire?fref=nf

Jennifer Mills Klatt’s Hinsdale Listing is Crain’s Luxury Home of the Week!

Jennifer Mills Klatt, of The Home Discovery Team and our Webster Street office, has been mentioned in Crain’s Chicago Business. Her upcoming Hinsdale listing is featured as the Luxury Home of the Week…


Health Insurance Market in HINSDALE MASSACHUSETTS

From January 2014 is effective Health Insurance Market , which is designed to help you find the insurance that best suits your budget and needs of health coverage suits. Each health plan included in the new market will provide comprehensive coverage: doctor visits, medicines, hospital services, preventive services and more. It will also be possible to compare all the health insurance options based on price, benefits and other features that may be important to you.

Who is eligible to use the Health Insurance Market?

Anyone can use the Health Insurance Market to explore their options for health coverage, even if you have insurance.

The following are the only requirements to obtain insurance through this new market:

Live in America

-become naturalized US citizen or native, or lawful permanent resident

-not be in jail

Learn more about who may register in the Health Insurance Market.

Each state will have its own insurance market. Some states already provide information on the Health Insurance Market. See if it is the case in your state .

Learn about the 10 essential health benefits plans offered all Market.

Registration Process in Medical Insurance Market

From October 2013 you can get information about all the plans available in your area. You can also register directly online or by phone toll-free hotline to be appointed for this service.

If you have difficulty finding a plan that fits your needs and budget, there will be people available to help you explore your options for coverage. The help you receive from these people is completely unbiased. These wizards are not related to any particular plan or receive any commission (compensation) in relation to health plans available.

Learn more about how to prepare for the registration process .

Free or low-cost care

If you do not have or can not afford health insurance, there are options for you to receive free or low-cost care. Learn about the resources available to meet the health care options you need.

Options private health insurance with low premiums

Medicaid and Medicare

Community Health Centers

Know where to receive care if you have no health insurance

Free health insurance or affordable for children

The Health Insurance Program for children provides low-cost health coverage for children of families who earn too much to qualify for Medicaid coverage and who can not afford health insurance revenue Private. The CHIP program is a state and federal partnership that works in conjunction with Medicaid.

Each state operates a CHIP, but most states have unique names for their programs as Child Health Plus (New York), Healthy Families (California) and Hoosier Healthwise (Indiana). In several states, the CHIP and Medicaid are combined into one program.

What you need to know about CHIP:

Basic requirements for eligibility for CHIP : children up to age 19 in families with incomes up to $ 44.100 per year (for a family of four) are likely to receive coverage. In many states children from families with higher incomes may also be eligible.

Eligibility and Pregnancy : Pregnant women may be eligible for CHIP. Coverage for Moms generally includes laboratory tests and costs of labor and at least 60 days post-partum care.

States citizenship and immigration : the CHIP covers US citizens and certain legal immigrants. States have the option to cover children and pregnant women residing legally in EE. UU. The undocumented immigrants are not eligible for CHIP.

For information about health coverage programs Medicaid and CHIP in your state, visit the programs in your state , or call 1-877-543-7669.

It charges: health coverage option if you lost your job

If you do not already have medical coverage that gave your employer may have the option of keeping it through the program "continuation coverage", better known as COBRA.

This program allows you and your family to maintain health insurance he received while employed for a limited time after it stopped working time. When your employer stops paying COBRA is likely that you need to pay the full cost of the monthly premium.

What you need to know about COBRA coverage:

-Overall COBRA requirements apply only to employers with 20 or more employees. Many states have laws similar to COBRA that apply to employers with fewer than 20 employees. Contact the Department of Insurance in your state (in English) to find out if the "continuation coverage by the state" applies to your case.

-If your family was under the employer coverage, this coverage may also be eligible for COBRA.

-In most cases you should receive a notice of benefits administrator or health plan from your employer stating that your coverage is ending and offering the right to COBRA.

-In most cases you have 60 days after your last day of coverage to enroll in COBRA.

-Generally the program lasts 18 months but could last up to 36 months.

For more information about call COBRA benefits administrator of your employer and learn about their specific through this program options.

-If the coverage of your health plan was through a private employer (not a government employer), you can visit the website of the Department of Labor or call 1-866-444-3272.

-If the coverage of your health plan was through an employer state or local government, you can call 1-877-267-2323, extension 61565.

-If the coverage of your health plan had as an employee of the federal government, you can visit the website of the Office of Personnel Management (in English). [11]


The Guardian and a warning to HINSDALE MASSACHUSETTS: Jehovah´s Witnesses´ silencing techniques, as terrifying as child abuse

Growing up in a Jehovah’s Witness family is different. As a child, I didn’t celebrate birthdays, Christmas or July 4. Nor did I, or anyone I knew, mix with non-Witness families in Little League or Girl Scouts. Instead, I spent much of my time sharing the “good news.” I used to go door-to-door on my own with a big, strong, well liked man in my congregation, named Jonathan. I was just 9 and 10 when he repeatedly sexually abused me.

It is really hard for kids to speak up when they’re abused. But the Jehovah’s Witnesses make it a lot harder.

They have a “2 Witness” rule, which says that anyone who accuses an adult of abuse must have a second witness. If there is no second witness, the accuser is punished for a false accusation - usually by ordering that no Witness may talk with or associate with the “false” accuser. This is called dis-fellowshipping. For a kid raised only with other Witnesses, it was horrifying. Even your parents would have to ignore you. It was more terrifying than Jonathan.

It was the elders of my congregation who had assigned Jonathan to team up with me. When we separated from the others, he forced me into his pick-up truck and drove us to his house. Then he would say “Let’s play”. It happened too many times. Like everyone else in the congregation, my parents liked “Brother” Jonathan and trusted him in our family.

My parents were consumed with some really huge problems in those years, and later divorced. I was emotionally alone - and wanted to be the best Jehovah’s Witness I could be. That’s why I went out to field service - the door to door ministry that Witnesses are known for.

What my parents didn’t know, was that Jonathan had sexually molested another girl in our congregation. The elders knew this and had kept it a secret. They were following orders from Watchtower leaders, based in the world headquarters in New York, who in 1989 had issued a top-secret instruction to keep known child sex abusers in the congregations a secret. This instruction became Exhibit 1 at my civil trial.

The elders and the Governing Body all knew that child molesters hide in religious groups and often are people who are likeable and friendly - like Jonathan. They knew molesters would likely do it again. But they chose to ignore the safety of the kids, in favor of protecting their image - and their bank account - from lawsuits. It was all in that 1989 letter.

A recent report by the Center for Investigative Reporting revealed that they have continued to issues directives urging silence around child abuse. Last November, elders were instructed to avoid taking criminal matters like child abuse to the authorities. Instead, they were told to handle them internally in confidential committees. The report also showed that Jehovah’s Witnesses evoke the First Amendment to hide sex abuse claims.

It took me learning about Jonathan’s other victims for me to speak up. In 2009, I looked on California’s Megan’s Law website, the state’s official list of registered sex offenders. There, I found he had been convicted a few years before for sexually abusing another 8-year-old girl. I felt horribly guilty that I hadn’t spoken up about him earlier. Now, I need to stop predators from doing this again.

The only way to end this abuse is by lifting this veil of secrecy once and for all.

In http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2015/mar/02/jehovahs-witnesses-silencing-techniques-child-abuse [27]

Take Action to Improve Your Financial Situation in HINSDALE MASSACHUSETTS

By Katie Bryan, America Saves Communications Director.

America Saves Week, February 24 – March 1, 2014, is a time to review your finances, decide what you want to save for, and set up a system that will allow you to save automatically. That’s why the America Saves Week theme is Set a Goal. Make a Plan. Save Automatically. Did you know that only half of Americans report having good savings habits? Even if you are already saving, it’s good to take a look at your goals and decide if you can save more or start a new savings goal. Join thousands of others who are pledging to pay down debt, save money, and take financial action during America Saves Week.

Not sure what to save for or what to save for next? Here are the most popular saving goals of those who have pledged to save through America Saves:

· Save for Emergencies - Only 37 percent of low-to-moderate income households have a savings or money market account at a bank or credit union and nearly a quarter of savers who have pledged to save have chosen “emergency savings” as their first wealth-building goal. Learn more.

· Save for Education - Saving for education is the second most popular goal savers select when they pledge to save with America Saves. There are many different things to factor in when saving and paying for college. Learn more.

· Pay Down Debt - Getting out of debt is the #3 goal Savers select when they pledge to save. That does not come as a surprise since a 2012 survey found that 45% of families with annual incomes under $50,000 rely on credit cards to pay for basic needs such as rent, utilities, insurance and food. Learn more.

· Save for a Home - For decades, home ownership has been the main path to wealth for most Americans. Today, home equity - the market value of a home minus the balance on any home loans - represents more than four-fifths of the typical family’s wealth. Learn more.

· Save for Retirement - Retirement savings is a top priority for many Savers. Saving for retirement now will ensure that you have enough money to maintain a comfortable standard of living when you stop or reduce the amount of hours you work. Learn more.

Not sure how to save for your goals? Here are some saving strategies to help:

· Save Automatically - The easiest and most effective way to save is automatically. This is how millions of Americans save at their bank or credit union, and how millions of employees save through 401(k) and other retirement programs at work. Learn more.

· Save at Tax Time - Do you spend weeks eagerly anticipating your tax refund? When the money finally comes in, is it gone tomorrow? Many people view tax refunds as unplanned bonuses. They see the money as a gift from the government, to use for splurges or treats. But a tax refund provides the opportunity to improve your financial situation. Learn more.

Take the America Saves Pledge (or re-pledge) today to set your savings goal and make a plan to save. When you take the pledge you can also choose to receive text message tips and reminders to help you save for your goal. And don’t forget to follow America Saves on Facebook and Twitter.

America Saves Week is coordinated by America Saves and the American Savings Education Council. Started in 2007, the Week is an annual opportunity for organizations to promote good savings behavior and a chance for inpiduals to assess their own saving status



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