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Jack Howry

Mr. Howry died Wednesday, April 15, 2015, at a Norman hospital. He was born June 18, 1935, in Hollis, Oklahoma, to William Berry “Jake” Howry and Susie Green Cary Howry. He graduated from McLish High School in 1953. He married Katherine Stevenson June ...

Oklahoma concert ticket ticker

CHAPPO. Photo provided by Denny Renshaw Denny Renshaw Tickets for Counting Crows’ Oklahoma City stop on the “Somewhere Under Wonderland” tour, featuring Citizen Cope and Hollis Brown, go on sale at 10 a.m. Friday at Buy For Less locations in OKC ...

NBA 1st-Round Mock Draft: Breaking Down the Draft at Season's End

With Kendrick Perkins gone to the Cleveland Cavaliers and Nick Collison becoming a free agent after the year, the Oklahoma City Thunder need help ...
a backup at the small forward position, and Rondae Hollis-Jefferson can fit that bill.

Franklin Delano Loveless

OK Hospital Association and the OK Nursing Home Association. For many years, he wrangled and taught eighth-grade boys Sunday School at First Baptist Church in Hollis, but perhaps his greatest legacy was that he was a compassionate, Christian man who adored ...

DAV sponsoring Mobile Service Unit tour in area

Altus Chapter 33, Disabled American Veterans (DAV) is sponsoring the Mobile Service Unit tour in SW Oklahoma and North Texas on the following dates and locations. Monday, April 20 in Hollis at the City Hall from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Tuesday, April 21 in Duke ...

New La. Capitol security system snares lawmaker’s car

Hollis says he hit his windshield and his air bag deployed. He cut his wrist in the accident, shattered the face of his watch and was shaken up, but otherwise says he’s OK. Of the new security system, Hollis says: “It’s definitely got pros and cons.”

Hollis Brookline performs ‘Oklahoma’

On Friday, March 20, the Hollis Brookline High School auditorium was filled with students, parents, teachers and other community members gathering to witness “Oklahoma,” the school’s latest musical. The musical was directed by theater arts teacher ...

Kent's Raspberry Apple Crumble

RED RIVER RANCH CHUCK WAGON - HOLLIS, OK - 580-471-3775 - WWW.KENTROLLINS.COM Cookbook-Signing Saturday, April 11th Hastings on Georgia 806-352-0654 Recipes and photography from A TASTE OF COWBOY: Ranch Recipes and Tales from the Trail by Kent Rollins.

James Baucum

In addition, he served as the board chairman for West View Boys Home in Hollis, OK and served as president of the Rotary in Quanah. Following his retirement, Don and Wynona moved to Taos, NM where they spent 9 glorious years celebrating many family visits ...

Dad Says Teacher Preyed on His Son

(CN) - An Oklahoma school district covered up a female English teacher's repeated rapes of an eighth grader, the boy's father claims in court. The father, Tyrone Campbell, sued the Hollis Independent School District, its Board of Education, Superintendent ...

winded-wolf: In some alternate universe where they actually...

winded-wolf: In some alternate universe where they actually dated, Laura and Danny’s first date would have been amazing.

Drawn In Cast List

So I’m writing this on the 17th (even though I’ll post tomorrow), and today is my one month-iversary of releasing Drawn In! It’s been so much fun to have people email me and send me messages on Facebo…

Week In Review – April 17, 2015

Punk Aristocrats Week In Review – Friday April 17, 2015 The Punks were busy again this week as we are every week. Whether we’re creating content, partying with rockstars, designing a new line of suits…

Pedestrian critically injured in chain-reaction crash at Queens Village fruit stand

One person was seriously injured after a wild accident in Queens Village Friday morning involving a school bus, truck and fruit stand, according to published reports.

From Harlem To Hollis: City Council Passes Bill Outlawing Credit Checks On Job Applicants

The #1 Soure For All things Harlem in the World, The City Council on Thursday passed a bill prohibiting credit checks on most job applicants, except those being hired for top-level executive positio…

izzet-always-r-versus-u: Silly connection my mind made:1. Laura Hollis has a very overprotective...

izzet-always-r-versus-u: Silly connection my mind made: 1. Laura Hollis has a very overprotective father with a tendency towards over-the-top defensive tools (bear spray, giant hamster balls, etc.).…

Tour of Hollis Homes (plus one Nashua Home)

Hollis is a small town just west of Nashua and north of Pepperell, MA. With the town center village on the National Register of Historic Place, Hollis offers a quiet, small town charm while still bein…

acesirius:In which Carmilla plays football and rooms with Laf...

acesirius: In which Carmilla plays football and rooms with Laf instead of her girlfriend, Laura, who has a thing for wearing her girlfriend’s clothing.for jilyaredeaddoe, who created this au that im A…

Ben Carson speaks to voters in Hollis, NH (Video 04-07-15)

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7-Year-Old Texan Living With Cancer Takes Ride In $2.5 Million Bugatti

http://media.dallas.cbslo cal.com/CBSDAL_2015040719 3643543AA.mp4 Follow CBSDFW.COM: Facebook | Twit ter DALLAS (CBS 11 NEWS) – Seven-year-old Michael Hollis knew a surprise was in store. The …


The Guardian and a warning to HOLLIS OKLAHOMA: Jehovah´s Witnesses´ silencing techniques, as terrifying as child abuse

Growing up in a Jehovah’s Witness family is different. As a child, I didn’t celebrate birthdays, Christmas or July 4. Nor did I, or anyone I knew, mix with non-Witness families in Little League or Girl Scouts. Instead, I spent much of my time sharing the “good news.” I used to go door-to-door on my own with a big, strong, well liked man in my congregation, named Jonathan. I was just 9 and 10 when he repeatedly sexually abused me.

It is really hard for kids to speak up when they’re abused. But the Jehovah’s Witnesses make it a lot harder.

They have a “2 Witness” rule, which says that anyone who accuses an adult of abuse must have a second witness. If there is no second witness, the accuser is punished for a false accusation - usually by ordering that no Witness may talk with or associate with the “false” accuser. This is called dis-fellowshipping. For a kid raised only with other Witnesses, it was horrifying. Even your parents would have to ignore you. It was more terrifying than Jonathan.

It was the elders of my congregation who had assigned Jonathan to team up with me. When we separated from the others, he forced me into his pick-up truck and drove us to his house. Then he would say “Let’s play”. It happened too many times. Like everyone else in the congregation, my parents liked “Brother” Jonathan and trusted him in our family.

My parents were consumed with some really huge problems in those years, and later divorced. I was emotionally alone - and wanted to be the best Jehovah’s Witness I could be. That’s why I went out to field service - the door to door ministry that Witnesses are known for.

What my parents didn’t know, was that Jonathan had sexually molested another girl in our congregation. The elders knew this and had kept it a secret. They were following orders from Watchtower leaders, based in the world headquarters in New York, who in 1989 had issued a top-secret instruction to keep known child sex abusers in the congregations a secret. This instruction became Exhibit 1 at my civil trial.

The elders and the Governing Body all knew that child molesters hide in religious groups and often are people who are likeable and friendly - like Jonathan. They knew molesters would likely do it again. But they chose to ignore the safety of the kids, in favor of protecting their image - and their bank account - from lawsuits. It was all in that 1989 letter.

A recent report by the Center for Investigative Reporting revealed that they have continued to issues directives urging silence around child abuse. Last November, elders were instructed to avoid taking criminal matters like child abuse to the authorities. Instead, they were told to handle them internally in confidential committees. The report also showed that Jehovah’s Witnesses evoke the First Amendment to hide sex abuse claims.

It took me learning about Jonathan’s other victims for me to speak up. In 2009, I looked on California’s Megan’s Law website, the state’s official list of registered sex offenders. There, I found he had been convicted a few years before for sexually abusing another 8-year-old girl. I felt horribly guilty that I hadn’t spoken up about him earlier. Now, I need to stop predators from doing this again.

The only way to end this abuse is by lifting this veil of secrecy once and for all.

In http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2015/mar/02/jehovahs-witnesses-silencing-techniques-child-abuse [6]


Atention: do you saw any of these people in HOLLIS OKLAHOMA?

Ten Most Wanted

The FBI is offering rewards for information leading to the apprehension of the Ten Most Wanted Fugitives. Select the images of suspects to display more information.












    Unlawful Flight to Avoid Prosecution - First Degree Murder (3 Counts), Arson of an Occupied Structure

    REWARD: The FBI is offering a reward of up to $100,000 for information leading directly to the arrest of Robert William Fisher.

    Robert William Fisher is wanted for allegedly killing his wife and two young children and then blowing up the house in which they all lived in Scottsdale, Arizona in April of 2001.

    Fisher is physically fit and is an avid oupoorsman, hunter, and fisherman. He has a noticeable gold crown on his upper left first bicuspid tooth. He may walk with an exaggerated erect posture and his chest pushed out due to a lower back injury. Fisher is known to chew tobacco heavily. He has ties to New Mexico and Florida. Fisher is believed to be in possession of several weapons, including a high-powered rifle.

    Fisher has surgical scars on his lower back.

    • Robert W. Fisher


There are more opportunities than ever for those receiving benefits from Social Security Disability Insurance [Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI)] and SSI [Supplemental Security Income (SSI)] to learn job skills and find permanent employment in HOLLIS OKLAHOMA.

If you are looking for work, or are new to the workforce, familiarize yourself with the Americans with Disabilities Act [Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)] of 1990 , a federal civil rights law designed to prevent discrimination and enable people with disabilities to participate fully in all aspects of society.

A fundamental principle of the ADA is that people with disabilities who want to work and are qualified to do so should have equal employment opportunities.

This booklet answers questions you may have about your employment rights under the ADA.

How do I know if I am protected by the ADA?

To be protected, you must be a qualified individual with a disability. This means you must have a disability as defined by the ADA. Under the ADA, you have a disability if he has a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits a major life activity such as hearing, seeing, speaking, thinking, walking, breathing, or performing manual tasks. You must also be able to perform the job for which you want to be hired, or for which you have been hired, with or without reasonable accommodation.

What are my rights under the ADA?

The ADA protects you from discrimination in all employment practices, including: job application procedures, hiring, firing, training, pay, promotions, benefits and licenses. You are also right not to be harassed because of your disability and your employer can not fire or discipline you for asserting your rights under the ADA. More importantly, you have the right to request reasonable for the hiring process and employment functional adaptations.

What is a "reasonable accommodation"?

A reasonable accommodation is any modification or adjustment to a job, work environment or how they usually do things that would allow you to apply for a job, work, or enjoy equal access to the benefits available to others in the workplace. There are many things that can help people with disabilities work successfully. Some of the most common types of accommodations are:

  • physical changes, such as installing a ramp or modifying the workspace or services;
  • sign language interpreters for the deaf or blind readers;
  • provide a quiet space or other changes to reduce noise distractions for someone with mental disabilities;
  • training and written materials in accessible formats such as Braille or audio cassette or computer discs;
  • TTY for deaf can use the telephone, and computer hardware and software to facilitate computer access for people with visual impairments or who have difficulty using their hands; and
  • licenses disability who needs treatment.

    What should I do if I think I need a reasonable accommodation?

    If you think you need a reasonable accommodation for the job application process or at work, you must apply. You may request a reasonable accommodation at any time during the job application, or any time before or after starting work. How do I request a reasonable accommodation? Just let your employer who needs an adjustment or change because of their disability. Needless to complete special forms or use technical language to do so. For example, if you use a wheelchair and it does not fit under your desk, you should talk to your supervisor. This is a request for a reasonable accommodation. A doctor´s note requesting disability leave or saying that you can work with certain restrictions is also a request for reasonable accommodation. What happens after making a request for a reasonable accommodation? Once you have made the request for reasonable accommodation, the employer must discuss the options available to you. If you have a disability that is not obvious, the employer may require documentation that demonstrates and explains why you need a reasonable accommodation. You and your employer must work together to determine an appropriate accommodation.

    For more information on labor support, contact the Social Security Administration [Social Security Administration] to:

    1-800-772-1213 (voice)

    1-800-325-0778 (TTY) www.ssa.gov/work [2]


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