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Island properties extend state land leases

On Thursday, a 38-year lease at Beachcomber Resort goes up for public auction in Kingman, giving an outside bidder a chance to compete with the current owners. The State Land Department inherited the Island leases from the Bureau of Land Management in the ...

Non-rehired teacher toys with Kingman USD race

KINGMAN - Chadwick Williams, a former Kingman High School teacher who was not rehired for the 2012-13 school year, nearly ran for the Kingman-Norwich USD 331 Board of Education. KINGMAN - Chadwick Williams, a former Kingman High School teacher who was not ...

Lady Broncs score blowouts, go 3-0 for week

They defeated the Northwest Christian Crusaders of Phoenix, 48-24, Jan. 20 in Parker, then defeated the Kingman Academy Tigers, 55-9, Jan. 22, and closed out the week Jan. 23 with a 63-10 win over the North Pointe Prep Falcons. Coach Kyle Peta said the ...

City manager: Kingman Crossing would solve many problems

KINGMAN - City Manager John Dougherty fully expects to run into opposition as the Council possibly moves toward a major amendment to the general plan that would lead to the creation of Kingman Crossing. The city owns nearly 170 acres that spans south of ...

Kingman forward goes off

MOHAVE VALLEY — Desirae Gonzalez scored 32 points to lead the Kingman Lady Bulldogs over the Lady Dust Devils, 40-33, in an Arizona Interscholastic Association interdivisional girls basketball game at River Valley High School on Tuesday night. The 5 ...

Arizona man who killed niece asks for death

KINGMAN, Ariz. — A northwest Arizona resident convicted in the 2006 murder of his teenage niece is asking authorities to carry out his death sentence. Brad Nelson, 44, of Golden Valley, has informed Mohave County Superior Court Judge Richard Weiss that ...

Crusaders stuff Kingman bid in semifinals

It wasn't the start to a basketball game Wellington head coach Brian Buchanan ever wanted to see. His top-seeded Crusaders were in jeopardy of being run out of the gym in the first quarter of the semifinal game in the Roadrunner Classic against Kingman.

2 Kingman women arrested in theft of horse

KINGMAN, Ariz. -- Two Kingman women were arrested Wednesday afternoon for allegedly stealing a person's horse. Mohave County Sheriff's deputies arrested 21-year-old Laura Noreen Smith and 18-year-old Kimberly Catherine Loller after seeing a horse in a ...

Officials: Kingman inmate, 23, dies at private prison

An inmate's death Monday at a private prison near Kingman has prompted an investigation from the Arizona Department of Corrections, according to a statement from the agency. Neil Early, 23, was serving a sentence for two counts of organized retail theft ...

Australia, Kingman and The Grey Gatsby all named Europe's best as they are given ratings of 127 by international handicappers

The son of sire Heart’s Cry was beaten five lengths by Treve in the Prix De L’ Arc de Triomphe at Longchamp in October, his only run in Europe. But more store was put in his visually impressive six and a half length win in the Group One Dubai Duty Free ...


How I can eat a healthy diet?

The body needs minerals, vitamins and other nutrients to stay healthy. A healthy diet means you are eating:

  • Vegetables, fruits, whole grains and non-fat dairy and low-fat
  • Fish, seafood, chicken or turkey, lean meats and low-fat, eggs, beans, peas (peas), seeds and nuts

    Limit your intake of foods rich in:

  • Cholesterol, sodium (salt) and added sugar.
  • Fat trans: fats trans can be found in foods such as cakes (or cakes), cookies, margarine that comes in bars and fried foods.
  • Saturated fats: These fats are in animal products such as cheese, high-fat meats, whole milk and butter.
  • Refined grains: refined grain products include white bread, pasta, white rice and flour tortillas, among others.

    Get a personalized diet plan to help you choose healthy foods

    Having too much cholesterol in the blood can cause heart disease or heart attack. Approximately one in six people in the United States have high cholesterol. You may have high cholesterol and not know it. Good thing its easy to get tested for cholesterol, and if you go too high, you can take steps to control it.

    Who should be tested for cholesterol?

  • Men who are 35 or more
  • Men under 35 who have heart disease or are at risk of suffering from
  • Women who have heart disease or are at risk of suffering from


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    How can consumers in KINGMA be sure a genetic test is valid and useful?

    Before undergoing genetic testing, it is important to be sure that the test is valid and useful. A genetic test is valid if it provides an accurate result. Two main measures of accuracy apply to genetic tests: analytical validity and clinical validity. Another measure of the quality of a genetic test is its usefulness, or clinical utility.

    • Analytical validity refers to how well the test predicts the presence or absence of a particular gene or genetic change. In other words, can the test accurately detect whether a specific genetic variant is present or absent?

    • Clinical validity refers to how well the genetic variant being analyzed is related to the presence, absence, or risk of a specific disease.

    • Clinical utility refers to whether the test can provide information about diagnosis, treatment, management, or prevention of a disease that will be helpful to a consumer.

    All laboratories that perform health-related testing, including genetic testing, are subject to federal regulatory standards called the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) or even stricter state requirements. CLIA standards cover how tests are performed, the qualifications of laboratory personnel, and quality control and testing procedures for each laboratory. By controlling the quality of laboratory practices, CLIA standards are designed to ensure the analytical validity of genetic tests.

    CLIA standards do not address the clinical validity or clinical utility of genetic tests. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires information about clinical validity for some genetic tests. Additionally, the state of New York requires information on clinical validity for all laboratory tests performed for people living in that state. Consumers, health providers, and health insurance companies are often the ones who determine the clinical utility of a genetic test.

    It can be difficult to determine the quality of a genetic test sold directly to the public. Some providers of direct-to-consumer genetic tests are not CLIA-certified, so it can be difficult to tell whether their tests are valid. If providers of direct-to-consumer genetic tests offer easy-to-understand information about the scientific basis of their tests, it can help consumers make more informed decisions. It may also be helpful to discuss any concerns with a health professional before ordering a direct-to-consumer genetic test.


  • In KINGMA: Understanding Links Between Smoking & Weight

    Maybe you quit smoking to do something good for your health, and now you’ve noticed the pounds adding up on the scale. Or maybe one of the reasons you’re not quite ready to quit is that you’re afraid of gaining weight.

    Here are some of the reasons why some people gain weight when they quit:

    • Smoking lowers your appetite.
      Smoking cigarettes makes you feel less hungry. So, when you quit smoking, you might feel hungrier and then eat more than you used to eat.  
    • Smoking increases your metabolism.
      Smoking cigarettes increases your metabolism, so you burn more calories. So when you stop smoking, you may burn fewer calories which can lead to weight gain. 
    • Eating can be a substitute for smoking.
      Smoking gave you something to do with your hands and something to put in your mouth. For a lot of people, food replaces cigarettes. And the more you reach for food, the more likely it is that you will gain weight.
    • Eating may soothe the feelings that smoking used to soothe.
      Maybe smoking was your go-to when you were feeling bad. When you stop smoking, you may find that you turn to eating to feel better or to deal with stress—but this can backfire and result in weight gain.

    The good news is that you can take charge of your weight even while quitting smoking. Check out Forever Free for more info about smoking and weight.



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