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Q&A with House Majority Leader Rep. Crisanta Duran

In studying my genealogy, I recently discovered that my great-great-great-grandmo ther on my mother’s side of the family was recognized in the Las Animas newspaper for being a “pioneer woman” – someone who lived in Colorado before it officially ...

Two local teams in Colorado AP Class 2A baseball poll

Two local high school baseball teams are listed in the Colorado AP Class 2A baseball poll, which was published by the Denver Post on Tuesday. Swink remained in the No. 4 position, while Las Animas entered at No. 7. Resurrection Christian is the top-ranked ...

El Paso 30th healthiest in Colorado

The least healthy counties were listed as Huerfano, Costilla, Las Animas, Conejos and Rio Grande counties ...
obesity and teen births. Colorado ranks as the thinnest state in the nation, with the lowest obesity rate at 21.3 percent of the population.

Red flag warning for parts of southern Colorado

The risk of wildfires starting and spreading in southern Colorado is high because of dry, warm weather and expected wind gusts. A red flag warning has been posted for the San Luis Valley and Huerfano and Las Animas counties from noon Monday through 7 p.m ...

Red Flag Warning issued for much of southern Colorado

The National Weather Service has issued a Red Flag Warning for Tuesday March 24th 10 am - 8 pm for Huerfano, Las Animas, Crowley ...
but the...
The Colorado House has given preliminary approval to a bill that would require colleges and universities ...

Fire weather watch in effect for Colorado Springs, El Paso County

Fire danger is amping up today and tomorrow in the southeastern Colorado plains including Colorado Springs ...
critical fire danger in the San Luis Valley, Huerfano County and Las Animas County. Those areas could see winds of 10 to 20 mph with gusts ...

Cattlemen's annual meeting scheduled April 11

Colorado’s oldest livestock organization will meet April 11 at Las Animas with a full day’s agenda of activities. The Bent-Prowers Cattle & Horse Growers Association board put the final touches on the agenda at its recent monthly meeting. The ranchers ...

Las Animas girls attend conference

Participating girls came from schools all over the lower Arkansas Valley, including Las Animas Middle School sixth ...
from such organizations as Colorado School of Mines, the U.S. Department of Interior Office of Surface Mining, Adams State University ...

Suspect who allegedly cut baby from womb, Dynel Lane, held Colorado nurses' aide license

Las Animas, Pueblo, Saguache, Teller LONGMONT, Colo. - The woman accused of attacking a pregnant woman and cutting a baby from her womb holds an expired license as a nurses' aide in Colorado. The victim was found by police in a home on Green Place and ...

Hugh Clifford Miller

Pennsylvania St., Marion, Indiana 46953, with Pastor Steven Houser officiating. Burial will be at Las Animas Cemetery in Las Animas, Colorado, at a later date.

Una casita para las kiwimelón

Un viernes más las kiwimelón nos ponemos manos a la obra! Esta vez nos reunimos para una ocasión especial, te acuerdas del grupo de las generalistas?! Pues entre algunas de ellas han creado una revist…


Javi Un entorno geológico de maniáticas formaciones rocosas que se ha cincelado a lo largo de millones de años por los elementos erosivos. El Valle de las Ánimas se presenta como uno de los lugares p…

Las Animas - Las Animas del Cuarto Obscuro

Las Animas - Las Animas del Cuarto Obscuro Discosaurios - DS01 Download

Rocky Mountain takes over top spot in baseball poll

The defending champions are back in first. This week’s Associated Press media poll has the Rocky Mountain High School baseball team ranked first in Class 5A, with previous No. 1 Regis Jesuit dropping…

Días libres, diversión y excursiones en Costa Rica / Free days, fun and excursions in Costa Rica

En el centro de rescate no todo es trabajar, trabajar y trabajar, también hacemos otras cosas muy interesantes.Normalmente hacemos excursiones y visitas a otras localidades, visitamos las playas, cele…

03-23-15 Colorado’s oldest livestock organization will meet in Las Animas on April 11…

SPRINGFIELD –Colorado’s oldest livestock organization will meet April 11th at Las Animas, with a full day’s agenda of activities. The Bent-Prowers Cattle & Horse Growers Association board put the fina…

Moda años 70, las prendas must have de la primavera 2015

Para esta primavera 2015 una de las tendencias de moda que más hemos visto y estamos viendo, primero en los desfiles, luego en las tiendas de las grandes cadenas de moda y en la calle en los looks de …

Escribir la historia de las mujeres, la de la humanidad

200+ Mujeres by Ángela Paloma Martín  /  2d  //  keep unread  //  hide  //  preview La historia de las mujeres se escribe con el tinte de la valentía. Sólo con esfuerzo y aliento se puede seguir escr…

Colorado Education Board Members Hear Testing Complaints

DENVER (AP) – A Colorado State Board of Education member says more than 100 parents have told him of attempts to pressure them into allowing their children to take standardized tests, prompting the bo…

Escribir la historia de las mujeres, la de la humanidad

La historia de las mujeres se escribe con el tinte de la valentía. Sólo con esfuerzo y aliento se puede seguir escribiendo, letra a letra, paso a paso. Y en cada espacio de cada párrafo pararse a coge…


Avoiding job scams in LAS ANIMAS COLORADO

Scammers know that finding a job can be tough. To trick people looking for honest work, scammers advertise where real employers and job placement firms do. They also make upbeat promises about your chances of employment, and virtually all of them ask you to pay them for their services before you get a job. But the promise of a job isn’t the same thing as a job. If you have to pay for the promise, it’s likely a scam.

Signs of a Job Scam

Scammers advertise jobs where legitimate employers do — online, in newspapers, and even on TV and radio. Here’s how to tell whether a job lead may be a scam:

You need to pay to get the job

They may say they’ve got a job waiting, or guarantee to place you in a job, if you just pay a fee for certification, training materials, or their expenses placing you with a company. But after you pay, the job doesn’t materialize. Employers and employment firms shouldn’t ask you to pay for the promise of a job.

You need to supply your credit card or bank account information

Don´t give out your credit card or bank account information over the phone to a company unless you´re familiar with them and have agreed to pay for something. Anyone who has your account information can use it.

The ad is for "previously undisclosed" federal government jobs

Information about available federal jobs is free. And all federal positions are announced to the public on Don’t believe anyone who promises you a federal or postal job.

Job Placement Services

Many job placement services are legitimate. But others lie about what they’ll do for you, promote outdated or fake job openings, or charge up-front fees for services that may not lead to a job. In fact, they might not even return your calls once you pay.

Before you enlist a company’s help:

Check with the hiring company

If a company or organization is mentioned in an ad or interview, contact that company to find out if the company really is hiring through the service.

Get details — in writing

What’s the cost, what will you get, and who pays — you or the company that hires you? What happens if the service doesn’t find a job for you or any real leads? If they’re reluctant to answer your questions, or give confusing answers, you should be reluctant to work with them.

Get a copy of the contract with the placement firm, and read it carefully. A legitimate company will give you time to read the contract and decide, not pressure you into signing then and there. Make sure any promises — including refund promises — are in writing. Some listing services and "consultants" write ads to sound like jobs, but that’s just a marketing trick: They´re really selling general information about getting a job — information you can find for free on your own.

Know whether it’s job placement or job counseling

Executive or career counseling services help people with career directions and decisions. They may offer services like skills identification and self-evaluation, resume preparation, letter writing, and interview techniques, and general information about companies or organizations in a particular location or job field.

But job placement isn’t guaranteed. Fees can be as high as thousands of dollars, and you often have to pay first.

The National Career Development Association (NCDA) offers some tips on finding and choosing a career counselor, and explains the different types of counselors active in the field.

Check for complaints

Your local consumer protection agency, state Attorney General´s Office, and the Better Business Bureau can tell you whether any complaints have been filed about a company. Just keep in mind that a lack of complaints doesn’t mean the business is on the up-and-up. You may want to do an internet search with the name of the company and words like review, scam, or complaint. Look through several pages of search results. And check out articles about the company in newspapers, magazines, or online, as well.

Where to Look for Jobs

You’ve read the many resume and interview tips from respected sources available for free online, and scoured online job boards and newspaper classifieds. Some other places to look for leads in your job search include:


Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor, CareerOneStop lists hundreds of thousands of jobs. It also links to employment and training programs in each state, including programs for people with disabilities, minorities, older workers, veterans, welfare recipients, and young people. For federal jobs, all open federal positions are announced to the public on

State and county offices

Your state’s Department of Labor may have job listings or be able to point you to local job offices that offer counseling and referrals. Local and county human resources offices provide some placement assistance, too. They can give you the names of other groups that may be helpful, such as labor unions or federally-funded vocational programs.

College career service offices

Whether it’s a four-year university or community college, see what help yours can offer. If you’re not a current or former student, some still may let you look at their job listings.

Your library

Ask if they can point you to information on writing a resume, interviewing, or compiling a list of companies and organizations to contact about job openings.

Report a Job Scam

If you’ve been targeted by a job scam, file a complaint with the FTC.

For problems with an employment-service firm, contact the appropriate state licensing board (if these firms must be licensed in your state), your state Attorney General, and your local consumer protection agency.

To learn about credit and background checks when you’re looking for a job, read What to Know When You Look For a Job.



LAS ANIMAS COLORADO: part-time employment while you are enrolled in school

Federal Work-Study provides part-time jobs for undergraduate and graduate students with financial need, allowing them to earn money to help pay education expenses. The program encourages community service work and work related to the student’s course of study.

Here’s a quick overview of Federal Work-Study:

  • It provides part-time employment while you are enrolled in school.
  • It’s available to undergraduate, graduate, and professional students with financial need.
  • It’s available to full-time or part-time students.
  • It’s administered by schools participating in the Federal Work-Study Program. Check with your school´s financial aid office to find out if your school participates.

What kinds of jobs are there?
Are jobs on campus or off campus?
How much can I earn?
How will I be paid?
Can I work as many hours as I want?

What kinds of jobs are there?

The Federal Work-Study Program emphasizes employment in civic education and work related to your course of study, whenever possible.


Are jobs on campus or off campus?

Both. If you work on campus, you’ll usually work for your school. If you work off campus, your employer will usually be a private nonprofit organization or a public agency, and the work performed must be in the public interest.

Some schools might have agreements with private for-profit employers for work-study jobs. These jobs must be relevant to your course of study (to the maximum extent possible). If you attend a proprietary school (i.e., a for-profit institution), there may be further restrictions on the types of jobs you can be assigned.


Man working in shop class

If you’re interested in getting a Federal Work-Study job while you’re enrolled in college or career school, make sure you apply for aid early. Schools that participate in the Federal Work-Study Program award funds on a first come, first served basis.

How much can I earn?

You’ll earn at least the current federal minimum wage. However, you may earn more depending on the type of work you do and the skills required for the position.

Your total work-study award depends on:

  • when you apply,
  • your level of financial need, and
  • your school’s funding level.


How will I be paid?

How you’re paid depends partly on whether you’re an undergraduate or graduate student.

  • If you are an undergraduate student, you´re paid by the hour.
  • If you are a graduate or professional student, you´re paid by the hour or by salary, depending on the work you do.
  • Your school must pay you at least once a month.
  • Your school must pay you directly unless you request that the school
    • send your payments directly to your bank account or
    • use the money to pay for your education-related institutional charges such as tuition, fees, and room and board.


Can I work as many hours as I want?

No. The amount you earn can’t exceed your total Federal Work-Study award. When assigning work hours, your employer or your school’s financial aid office will consider your class schedule and your academic progress.


What you a need to know to become a US citizen

The process for obtaining citizenship requires time and preparation, but knowing the steps will help make the process more agile.

The following video contains information on the general requirements that need to be met to become a US citizen, such as:

Having the statutory age.

A legal resident and remain in the country while their application is processed. Importantly, marital status may result in a less extended period for citizenship.

Demonstrate English proficiency.

Having knowledge of history and government of the United States.

Be a person of good moral character.

Take an oath of allegiance to prove that supports and defends the United States and its Constitution.

You can get further information by visiting the website of Citizenship and Immigration United States (USCIS, acronym) or by calling 1-800-375-5283 (press 2 for Spanish), 1-800-767-1833 (TDD for hearing impaired).

Video Transcript

VOICE: If you are interested in becoming a US citizen, you must meet several requirements will vary depending on your situation. For example:

Be at least 18 years of age at the time you submit your application.

Have been a permanent resident for at least five years. If you are married to a US citizen, this requirement may be reduced to three years.

Having lived in the same state or district USCIS office having jurisdiction over the place of residence for three months prior to the date of application.

VOICE: You must also show that you have continuously resided in the United States.

VOICE: Continuous residence

OFFICIAL: Continuous residence means a permanent resident has not left the United States for a long period. Doing so could interrupt your continuous residence.

VOICE: Physical presence in the United States

VOICE: must also demonstrate physical presence in the United States. This means being present in the country for at least 30 months in the 5 years prior to the date you file your application.

VOICE: Other requirements include:

VOICE: Be able to read, write and speak English and have basic knowledge of the history and form of government of the United States.

VOICE: Some applicants do not have to meet the English language requirement because of their age and the time they have lived in the United States as permanent residents.

VOICE: You must also prove that knows and understands the fundamentals of the history, principles and form of government of the United States.

VOICE: moral character

OFFICIAL: To naturalized US citizen, must also be a person of good moral character.

OFFICIAL: Committing certain crimes may make him ineligible for naturalization.

VOICE: Pledge of Allegiance

VOICE: Finally, to become a US citizen should pay the Pledge of Allegiance.

VOICE: Everyone who wants to naturalize must be willing to support and defend America and our Constitution. In fact, you will not become a US citizen until perform this Pledge of Allegiance.

VOICE: You should note that it is obliged to reside in the United States while their application is pending.

VOICE: These are just general requirements. For further information contact the US Citizenship and Immigration United States through the Internet or by phone at 1 (800) 375-5283. [11]


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