Padgett joins First Savings Bank Board

The bank has fifteen convenient locations in the Indiana communities of Clarksville, Charlestown, Corydon, English, Elizabeth, Floyds Knobs, Georgetown, Jeffersonville, Lanesville, Leavenworth, Marengo, New Albany, Salem and Sellersburg. First Savings Bank ...

Social studies departments treat Linton-Stockton School Board to presentations

the civil war in Indiana and Indiana inventors. "We are able to do a lot of educational experiences with the students," Woods said. Throughout the year, the students experience three study trips: Marengo Caves, George Rogers Clark Memorial and the ...

S. Indiana man gets 100 years for meth-related shootings

The two other men are James L. Davidson, 36, and John Carpenter, 25, both of Marengo, Indiana (see mugshots attached to this story).

Inside Boys Basketball: Marengo's Knobloch Athlete of the Week

Marengo (9-2): The Indians leap into the rankings after not ...
The teams also will get to watch a walk-through with the Bucks before they host Indiana at 7:30 that night. The Warriors have the busiest week of any area team with three games at York ...

Another Arrest Made in Paoli Murder Case

One of the men Indiana State Police have been looking for in the Paoli murder investigation is now in custody. Investigators say 36 year-old James Davidson was captured at his brother's home near Marengo, Indiana. Davidson is the second of three suspects ...

Three Indiana Men Face Alleged Murder Charges in Deadly Shootings

Brooks explained that the three then returned to the town of Marengo, Indiana where he was given methamphetamine and money. He is being held on a $1 million bond while Indiana police continue to look for both Carpenter and Davidson. Court records show at ...

Semi accident shuts down I-64 W near exit for Marengo, IN

MARENGO, IN (WAVE) – Interstate 64 West will be closed in Indiana several miles past Corydon until at least 4 p.m. EST following a major accident Wednesday morning, according to the Crawford County Emergency Management Agency. According to Larry Allen ...

Indiana Caverns no longer a deep secret

Indiana Caverns is part of the Binkley cave system, which Roberson and fellow members of the Indiana Speleological Survey have been exploring since 1967. In the meantime, they also helped develop Squire Boone Caverns and Marengo Cave, both of which are ...

Marengo, Indiana Vacation Rentals

Marengo, Indiana offers great vacation house rental and home rental-by-owner deals for the knowledgeable traveler. No matter what budget or level of comfort you seek in your holiday to Marengo, IN, there's surely a great local vacation home rental ...

Marengo Indiana--Marengo Cave day trip

Spring is a great time of year to take the family spelunking, also known as cave exploring. Approximately two and a half hours from Indianapolis is the small town of Marengo, and home of Marengo Cave, a US National Landmark. On September 6 of 1883 Blanche ...


Health insurance on MARENGO

Young adults have several options to get coverage through the insurance market.

1. Special Enrollment Periods

Find out if you are eligible for a Special Enrollment Period. You may be eligible for registration under the Special Enrollment Period unknowingly. If your student medical coverage you finished, you may be eligible for a Special Enrollment Period that will allow you to purchase a health plan through the Insurance Market. You might also grant a Special Enrollment Period if you get married or porced, have a child or adopt a child, moving to another area, and not old enough to be on the safe parent or have in your life some other event eligible to do so.

2. Medicaid and CHIP

Find out how to request coverage for Medicaid and CHIP . You can enroll in Medicaid or the Childrens Health Insurance Program (CHIP) at any time of year. If you qualify you can now register.

3. coverage through the health plan of the parent

You can get coverage from their parents plan until age 26, even if married, not living with their parents or dependent on them economically. After age 26, you qualify for a Special Enrollment Period.

4. Catastrophic Coverage

These plans are an affordable way to protect yourself from the high costs of the worst cases, such as an accident or serious illness. If you are under 30, you can purchase a catastrophic plan coverage. Served three visits per year before you have paid the deductible and certain preventive services .




To drink much during the teens years could lead to structural changes in the brain and memory deficits that persist in the adult phase, according to the disturbing results of a study done on animals. The study found that, even as adults, rats who had daily access to alcohol during his adolescence had reduced levels of myelin. With a function not very different from the  insulation of electrical wiring, myelin forms an insulating layer that surrounds the axons. These are filiform extensions of neurons that transmit nerve impulses.

These brain changes in rats were observed in a region important for reasoning and decision-making. Animals who drank more alcohol performed worse on a test of memory made when they were adults. The results suggest that high doses of alcohol during adolescence may continue affecting the brain even when the inpidual has left the consumption of alcohol. More research is needed to determine if these findings can be applied to humans.

According to the World Health Organization, a growing number of teens and young adults is provided to drinking to get drunk, consuming four (five for men) or more drinks in about two hours. Previous research in humans have shown an association between an episode of drinking excessive (binge) in adolescence, changes in the myelin sheath in several brain regions, and cognitive impairments in adulthood. However, it was unknown if alcohol was behind these brain differences and behaviour or if there was predisposition factors that could explain the found.

In this study, Heather N. Richardson, Wanette M. Vargas, Lynn Bengston and Brian. W. Whitcomb, of the University of Massachusetts in Amherst American city, as well as Nicholas W. Gilpin, of the State University of Louisiana in New Orleans, United States, compared the myelin in the prefrontal cortex (an area of the brain that is vital to reason and make decisions) in young male rats who gave a daily sweetened alcohol or sweetened water access for two weeks. It was found that animals that drank alcohol in his teens experienced a reduction in the levels of myelin in the prefrontal cortex, compared with those who drank a similar amount of sweetened water. When the researchers examined the animals exposed to the alcohol several months later, they found that continued showing levels of myelin reduced as adults.

In [21]


Do you make resolutions for the new year? Here are some easy ones you can keep that will help get you ready for 2015:

1. Check to see that you have the right insurance card to use when you go to the doctor in 2015. Did you change your health or drug plan during Medicare Open Enrollment? If you did and you haven’t received your new card or welcome packet by January 1st, contact your plan for help. If you need to fill a prescription right away, find out how to fill a prescription without your card.

If you changed from a Medicare Advantage Plan (like an HMO or PPO) back to Original Medicare, use your red, white, and blue Medicare card when you go to the doctor. Get a new card if you lost or damaged yours, or need to update your information.

2. Budget for next year’s Medicare Part B deductible.

Remember, if you have Medicare Part B and you’re in Original Medicare, you’ll have to meet your deductible before your Medicare coverage pays for services and supplies. Next year, the Medicare Part B deductible will be $147, the same as it was in 2014. Plan your health care budget to account for the increased cost of doctor visits for the time that it will take to cover your deductible. Find out more about Medicare costs in 2015.

3.  Schedule appointments to get any preventive tests or screenings.

Medicare covers all sorts of preventive services to keep you healthy and screenings to check for health problems, and many are covered each year at no cost to you. Ask your doctor when you should schedule your wellness visit and other screenings. You can also use to track your visits and make a calendar of preventive services.

Talk to your doctor about these covered preventive services to find out what’s right for your health needs.

4. Make sure your drug or health plan meet your needs.

If not, Medicare has a way for you to get the coverage you want instead of having to wait for the next Open Enrollment. At any time during the year, you can switch to a Medicare Advantage Plan or Medicare Prescription Drug Plan that has a 5-star rating.

Plan ratings are based on member surveys, information from doctors and health care providers, and other sources. The plan ratings are scores that show the quality and performance of the plan, on a scale of 1 to 5 stars, with 5 being the highest rated plans.

You can make this change once per calendar year. Find 5-star health and drug plans in your area.

Remember to check for the latest Medicare news and information, and have a happy and healthy new year!



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