OPINION: Alabama's General Fund a pressing problem

House General Fund Chairman, Steve Clouse of Ozark, and House Education Fund Chairman ...
leadership to look for long-term solutions rather than a band-aid approach. Alabama State Senate President Pro Tem Del Marsh (R-Anniston) believes that the General ...

Volunteers, books needed for first Dale County early screening day

Joyner said the event—complete with free onsite screenings, free food and drink and door prizes—is sponsored by the Family Services Center, the Dale County Children's Policy Council, Ozark FUMC and Smart Start of Alabama. “This mini-fair is a fun ...

Ozark PD Searching For Michael Dionne Stanford

OZARK, AL -- The Ozark Police Department is searching for a person of interest in the shooting of a 17-year-old on January 20th. Police are asking the public's help to locate 20-year-old Michael Dionne Stanford, who is a black male, standing 6'0'' tall and ...

Have you seen this man? Ozark police searching for man accused of shooting 17-year-old

Ozark police are searching for a man accused of shooting a 17-year-old. Michael Dionne Stanford, 20, is wanted on charges of attempted murder in connection with a Jan. 20 shooting and first-degree robbery from a different case, Ozark police posted on its ...

Ozark aviation school starting new mechanic program

OZARK — The Alabama Aviation College in Ozark will soon begin offering a short-term certificate program to experienced mechanics who need credentials to obtain better employment opportunities. The short term certificate course can be completed in as ...


Reynolds St. in Ozark. Healthy You Inc. is a 501c3 nonprofit formed in 2010 in Dothan. The mission of Healthy You, Inc. is to enhance quality of life for citizens of Alabama through educational health initiatives and public awareness campaigns teaching ...

MSU women renew rivalry against Ole Miss

Ole Miss will try to reach that mark with a strong effort by senior Tia Faleru. The 6-foot-1 forward from Ozark, Alabama, is second in the SEC in scoring (15.9 points per game) and first in the league in rebounding (10.6). She is the only player in the SEC ...

Teen to make full recovery after Ozark shooting

Ozark, AL (WSFA) - An Ozark teen is recovering after being shot during what police say was a possible robbery. According to Captain Tim Hicks with the Ozark Police Department, officers responded to the 600 block of West Reynolds street after reports of ...

Vernie Mae Davis - Walker

Vernie Mae Davis - Walker 75 of Ozark, AL died Friday, January 16, 2015 at her home in Ozark. Funeral services will be held from Ino Baptist Church on Tuesday, January 20, 2015 at 11:00 AM with Rev. Larry Lambert, Rev. Garry Winstead and Rev. Richard ...


Beans and peas are excellent sources of plant protein, and also provide other nutrients such as iron and zinc

Beans and peas are unique foods

bowl of beansBeans and peas are the mature forms of legumes. They include kidney beans, pinto beans, black beans, lima beans, black-eyed peas, garbanzo beans (chickpeas), split peas and lentils. They are available in dry, canned, and frozen forms. These foods are excellent sources of plant protein, and also provide other nutrients such as iron and zinc. They are similar to meats, poultry, and fish in their contribution of these nutrients. Therefore, they are considered part of the Protein Foods Group. Many people consider beans and peas as vegetarian alternatives for meat. However, they are also considered part of the Vegetable Group because they are excellent sources of dietary fiber and nutrients such as folate and potassium. These nutrients, which are often low in the diet of many Americans, are also found in other vegetables. Because of their high nutrient content, consuming beans and peas is recommended for everyone, including people who also eat meat, poultry, and fish regularly. The USDA Food Patterns classify beans and peas as a subgroup of the Vegetable Group. The USDA Food Patterns also indicate that beans and peas may be counted as part of the Protein Foods Group. Individuals can count beans and peas as either a vegetable or a protein food. Green peas, green lima beans, and green (string) beans are not considered to be part of the beans and peas subgroup. Green peas and green lima beans are similar to other starchy vegetables and are grouped with them. Green beans are grouped with other vegetables such as onions, lettuce, celery, and cabbage because their nutrient content is similar to those foods.

How to count beans and peas in the USDA food patterns:

Generally, individuals who regularly eat meat, poultry, and fish would count beans and peas in the Vegetable Group. Vegetarians, vegans, and individuals who seldom eat meat, poultry, or fish would count some of the beans and peas they eat in the Protein Foods Group. Here´s an example for both ways:

Count the number of ounce-equivalents of all meat, poultry, fish, eggs, nuts, and seeds eaten.

  1. If the total is equal to or more than the suggested intake from the Protein Foods Group (which ranges from 2 ounce-equivalents at 1000 calories to 7 ounce-equivalents at 2800 calories and above) then count any beans or peas eaten as part of the beans and peas subgroup in the Vegetable Group.OR

  2. If the total is less than the suggested intake from the Protein Foods Group, then count any beans and peas eaten toward the suggested intake level until it is reached. (One-fourth cup of cooked beans or peas counts as 1 ounce equivalent in the Protein Foods Group.) After the suggested intake level in the Protein Foods Group is reached, count any additional beans or peas eaten as part of the beans and peas subgroup in the Vegetable Group.



    How I can eat a healthy diet?

    The body needs minerals, vitamins and other nutrients to stay healthy. A healthy diet means you are eating:

  3. Vegetables, fruits, whole grains and non-fat dairy and low-fat
  4. Fish, seafood, chicken or turkey, lean meats and low-fat, eggs, beans, peas (peas), seeds and nuts

    Limit your intake of foods rich in:

  5. Cholesterol, sodium (salt) and added sugar.
  6. Fat trans: fats trans can be found in foods such as cakes (or cakes), cookies, margarine that comes in bars and fried foods.
  7. Saturated fats: These fats are in animal products such as cheese, high-fat meats, whole milk and butter.
  8. Refined grains: refined grain products include white bread, pasta, white rice and flour tortillas, among others.

    Get a personalized diet plan to help you choose healthy foods

    Having too much cholesterol in the blood can cause heart disease or heart attack. Approximately one in six people in the United States have high cholesterol. You may have high cholesterol and not know it. Good thing its easy to get tested for cholesterol, and if you go too high, you can take steps to control it.

    Who should be tested for cholesterol?

  9. Men who are 35 or more
  10. Men under 35 who have heart disease or are at risk of suffering from
  11. Women who have heart disease or are at risk of suffering from


Found Unclaimed Money in OZARK

What Is Unclaimed Money?

If the government owes you money and you do not collect it, then it’s unclaimed. This can also happen with banks, credit unions, pensions, and other sources.

Beware of unclaimed money scams. There are people who pretend to be the government and offer to send you unclaimed money for a fee. Government agencies will not call you about unclaimed money or assets. Learn how to spot these types of scams.

Currently, the government does not have one website for finding unclaimed money by name, Social Security number, or state. To find it, you’ll need to visit each site separately and perform a search.

States’ Unclaimed Money

  • Search by State  – Search your state’s listing of unclaimed funds and property.



Banking, Investments, and Currency

  • Bank Failures  – Search the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) for unclaimed funds from failed financial institutions.
  • Credit Union Failures  – Find unclaimed deposits from credit unions.
  • SEC Claims Funds  – The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) lists enforcement cases where a company or person owes investors money.
  • Damaged Money  – The Treasury Department will exchange mutilated or damaged U.S. currency.


  • FHA-Insurance Refunds  – If you had an FHA-insured mortgage, you may be eligible for a refund from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

Savings Bonds


  • Foreign Claims  – U.S. nationals can find money owed to them from foreign governments after loss of property.

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