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Calvin ‘Cal’ Martin

In 1935, his folks moved the family to Parma, Idaho. His oldest brother Gayle was waiting for them there. Cal attended Parma schools graduating at 17. His mother picked up his diploma for him because, with his parents signatures, he had enlisted in the Army.

Man sentenced to prison for child molestation

A plea of no contest carries the same weight as a guilty plea at sentencing. Robertson, who has had listed addresses in Portland, Oregon, and Parma, Idaho, could have spent the rest of his life in prison had he been found guilty at trial, according to his ...

Reclamation Awards 2015 Water Conservation Field Services Program Grants

Examples of 2015 funding recipients include: • Riverside Irrigation District in Parma, Idaho, will design, purchase, and install an automated water control gate and related operation and control equipment at the Centennial Park site near Caldwell ...

Boy hit by car airlifted to Boise

PARMA -- A teenage boy was hospitalized Monday evening after he was struck by a car in Parma. Idaho State Police say the 13-year-old was riding his bike on Shelton Street when he failed to stop at a stop sign at the intersection of Walker Street just ...

Naomi Evelyn Smith Wardwell

The family moved west to Twin Falls, Idaho, where Wayne served as minister of Christian Education at First Presbyterian Church. In January of 1959, Wayne became the pastor of Kirkpatrick Memorial Community Presbyterian Church in Parma, Idaho, where he ...

Fire destroys Parma trailer home, displaces family of six

PARMA, Idaho (KBOI) - A fire destroyed a trailer home in Parma Sunday night, displacing a couple and their four children, firefighters say. Crews from Parma, Nyssa and Wilder responded to the call, which came in around 6:30 p.m., but couldn't save the home ...

Bigfoot legends of Idaho

Bigfoot legends are interesting stories found in many cultures ...
evidence at all - at least in the literature which has grown up around the legend." In Parma, Idaho, enough people believed the Starr Wilkinson story to memorialize him with a statue ...

Researcher studies nexus between nematodes and verticillium wilt in mint

A University of Idaho researcher has begun trials that seek to help mint growers control nematodes and thus verticillium wilt, a plant fungus that is one of mint producers' toughest disease problems. PARMA, Idaho — Mint fields irrigated with drip systems ...

3 killed, 1 critically injured in crash near Parma, Idaho

The Idaho State Police says a car carrying four people collided with a pickup truck hauling a horse near Parma, killing three people in the car and critically injuring a fourth. The crash happened just before 11:30 p.m. Thursday at the intersection of U.S ...

Effie E.R. Pritchard, 89, Parma, Idaho

Effie Eunice Rose Pritchard died early Sunday morning, March 23, 2008, in Parma. She was 89. Effie was born in Cedar Point, Kan., April 4, 1918, to Effie E. Shanklin Sidener and John W. Sidener. She moved with her parents to Parma at age 1 and lived there ...

Arhet Bed and Breakfast Parma consiglia i Castelli di Parma- Cosa visitare a Parma

Arhet Bed and Breakfast a Parma, consiglia di visitare i Castelli di Parma se non sapete cosa visitare a Parma. Parma è circondata da Castelli meravigliosi pieni di iniziative culturali e custodi di …

Arhet Bed and Breakfast Ospedale Parma consiglia Ingrediente Parma, 19 e 20 giugno a Parma

Arhet Bed and Breakfast Ospedale Parma consiglia Ingrediente Parma, 19 e 20 giugno a Parma Un fine settimana all’insegna del gusto con protagonisti il Prosciutto di Parma, il Parmigiano Reggiano, il …

Arhet Bed and Breakfast Parma consiglia Parma Malvasia Expo 5, 6, 7 giugno a Parma

Arhet Bed and Breakfast Parma consiglia Parma Malvasia Expo 5, 6, 7 Giugno a Parma, Festival della Malvasia in Piazza Garibaldi. Oltre 100 etichette di Malvasia di produttori italiani ed esteri a Par…

Mille Miglia, third leg in Parma: Part 1

Last Saturday the sophisticated and reserved city of Parma was shaken and stirred by rumbles and roars, fortunately not by an earthquake, but a storm of colour, noise and excitement. For the first tim…

Arhet Bed and Breakfast Parma consiglia 29 Maggio- Apertura del Labirinto della Masone

Arhet Bed and Breakfast Parma consiglia 29 Maggio- Apertura del Labirinto della Masone Il Labirinto della Masone, progettato da Franco Maria Ricci, copre 7 ettari di terreno ed è stato realizzato int…

BB KAMITEO Bed an Breakfast in centro a Parma consiglia Fattorie Aperte 17, 24, 31 Maggio e 7 Giugno 2015

BB KAMITEO Bed an Breakfast in centro a Parma consiglia Fattorie Aperte 17, 24, 31 Maggio e  7 Giugno 2015 Si svolgerà nelle domeniche 17, 24, 31 maggio e 7 giugno 2015 la 17° edizione di “Fattorie…

Cosa fare a Parma? Liberbook 23 e 24 Maggio consigliato da Arhet Bed and Breakfast Ospedale Parma

Arhet Bed and Breakfast Ospedale Parma consiglia  consiglia Liberbook 23 e 24 maggio. Cos’è Liberbook? è un salone del Libro dedicato al Libro D’Artista ed alla Stampa d’autore nella celebre cornice d…

Parma Number 20: Finnigans Chin Keperra … A meal shredded by the ham?

The Verdict: The menu said shaved ham but shaved ham was not what I received.  Shredded ham instead was produced as part of the Finnigans Chin Chicken Parmigiana and it would be fair to say that it ne…

Animal lovers want to build a dog park in Parma

PARMA, OH – Barb Forestall loves taking her dog Chloe outside, but they don't have many places to go. “You can take dogs to the park, but they … from Google Alert – animal

Animal lovers want to build a dog park in Parma

PARMA, OH – Barb Forestall loves taking her dog Chloe outside, but they don’t have many places to go. “You can take dogs to the park, but they always have to be on leash and they really can’t meet ot…


In PARMA IDAHO: Why Good Trade Deals Matter to a Business

Nick Martin is the co-founder of The Pro´s Closet, an online used-cycling business. He sent the following email to the White House list to highlight why a better trade deal means a brighter future for online businesses like his.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership isn´t just President Obama´s proposed trade deal -- it´s mine, too. It´s a trade deal that millions of other online small business owners in this country would be proud to add their name to. I want to tell you why:

Every time I step through the doors of one of our 4,000-square-foot warehouses in Boulder and Denver, Colorado -- every time I see the bikes and cycling parts that line those walls and take in the energetic buzz of our 30-member team -- I take a step back and reflect on a simple fact: I own a business. It’s a "pinch-me" moment -- every time.

I am a cyclist and the proud co-owner of The Pro´s Closet, an online used-cycling store. And thanks to the Internet and the availability of e-commerce platforms like eBay, we´ve gone global. After all, when it’s not cycling season in the U.S., it’s peak season somewhere else in the world.

International customers aren´t just good for business abroad; they’re great for my Colorado communities. Why? Because selling in more markets means I can hire more people here at home. In fact, more small businesses are using the Internet to grow their business by reaching new customers they couldn´t reach before.

This is why trade is so important to me. If the success of American businesses in the global economy is important to you, say you’re an ambassador for a better trade deal that delivers a brighter future for all of us.

It may seem like a really remote and technical issue, but it actually has a real impact on how small businesses like mine do business. Currently more than 40% of our transactions cross U.S. borders. Unfortunately, most of our trade rules were written in a "pre-Internet" era, which means they are a nightmare to navigate for small online businesses.

Here’s an example: Right now, customs rules are so inconsistent and hard to follow that if we put a cycling part in the wrong packaging or mail it with the wrong label, it won’t make it to our customer in one country. The rules are different for each country, and are sometimes set up in a way that completely blocks out American business.

That is why it is so important that we secure the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a new kind of trade agreement that will ensure America writes the rules and levels the playing field for online businesses and American workers by:

Reducing and eliminating tariffs across the Asia-Pacific region

Streamlining customs procedures

Making the rules more transparent, consistent, and less costly

Helping keep the Internet open and free, enabling online businesses to operate without unnecessary infrastructure costs

Of course, as the President has said, not all of our past trade deals have lived up to their promise. Thankfully, this trade deal is on track to be different. In fact, the Trans-Pacific Partnership is shaping up to be the most progressive trade deal the world has ever seen. [13]


Protect Your Business in PARMA IDAHO from Spring Weather Threats

This winter has been particularly harsh for businesses in the northeast and parts of the southern U.S., as record snowfalls and frigid temperatures forced many companies to close their doors for several days.

Many parts of the country are bracing for possible spring floods that may follow when the snow melts. Meanwhile, April through June is the peak time for tornadoes, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). The Southeast, Midwest, the Gulf States and the South Central region are particularly vulnerable to these dangerous windstorms.

Now is a good time to make a plan to protect your clients, customers and your business for the threats caused by spring storms and floods. Join the U.S. Small Business Administration and Agility Recovery on Tuesday, March 10 at 2 p.m. EDT for a free webinar on best practices for mitigating spring weather risks. These preparedness tips are based on real-life recovery experiences from business owners.

The SBA has partnered with Agility to offer business continuity strategies through its “PrepareMyBusiness” website. Visit to access previous webinars and for additional preparedness tips.

The SBA provides disaster recovery assistance in the form of low-interest loans to homeowners, renters, private nonprofits and businesses of all sizes. To learn more, visit

WHAT: “Preparing for Severe Spring Weather” - A presentation from Agility CEO Bob Boyd, followed by a question and answer session.

WHEN: Tuesday, March 10, 2015 from 2 –3 p.m. EDT

Space is limited. Register at

# # #


Tips to Prevent Data Theft in PARMA IDAHO

Today, it’s quick and easy to get a credit card approved, transfer money from one account to another, renew your driver’s license, fill a prescription from your doctor at your local pharmacy, use store loyalty cards, and purchase products online. But you pay for this convenience by providing more opportunities for your personal information to be changed, stolen, or reported inaccurately. Companies can also use the information you have shared to direct their future marketing efforts or can sell the information to other companies. To help protect your privacy, follow these tips:

  • Look for privacy statements on websites, sales materials, and forms you fill out. If a website claims to follow a set of established voluntary standards, read the standards. Don´t assume they provide the level of privacy you want.
  • Ask how your personal information will be stored and used.
  • Only provide the purchase date, model/serial numbers, and your contact information of warranty registration forms.
  • Discuss privacy with others in your home. Everyone, even children, should understand what information is not appropriate to share on the phone, while using a computer, tablet, smart phone and in other situations.

Check with your state or local consumer agency to find out whether any state laws that help protect your privacy. Some companies and industry groups have also adopted voluntary policies that address privacy concerns.

Creating Secure Passwords

The number of passwords that you need on a daily basis can be overwhelming. It is tempting to use the same password across several sites; however to get the most protection available, you should use different passwords on each site and change your passwords periodically. The goal for creating passwords is to strike a balance between being something that is easy to remember and unique. Some general tips for creating a secure password include:

  • Use a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters.
  • The longer password, the better it is.
  • Don’t use your name, birthday, license plate, favorite sports teams or other facts that are easily guessed.
  • Create a password based on a phrase. For example “A stitch in time saves nine” can be translated into the password “Ast!Ts9”. where each character represents a word in the phrase.
  • If you must use the same password on several websites, add a prefix or suffix. For example, use “Ast!Ts9:4bnk”for your bank account and “Eml: Ast!Ts9” for your email account.

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Specialty Consumer Reports

Credit reports are not the only reports that you can get for free. The same law that allows you to get a free credit report each year also allows you to get a copy of specialty consumer reports. Just like Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion collect your credit information, there are other companies that collect information about your medical, insurance, rental/tenant and alternative credit histories. Landlords, insurers and other companies buy these reports to help them decide whether or not they will offer their services to you.

Just like your credit reports, you have the right to a free annual report from each specialty consumer reporting agency. Since there is no centralized place to order these reports (like there is for credit reports), you must contact each agency individually. If you are planning to rent an apartment, ask the landlord for the name of the screening company that they use and request a copy of your report in advance. Similarly if you are getting a new insurance policy, you can contact the consumer reporting agencies that collect related information. If there is a mistake on your report, you have a right to correct it.

For a list of specialty consumer agencies, visit the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (PDF) or Privacy Rights Clearinghouse. If you need to file a complaint about a consumer reporting agency, contact the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau or the Federal Trade Commission.



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