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CMoG's new gallery draws raves

Susan Plum, a glass artist from Houston, Texas, was among the throngs milling through the ...
Landis and Kim Brown, a couple from Pine Grove, Pa., were on their way to see the ice formed over Niagara Falls when they decided to make a stop in Corning.

William "Wild Bill" Franklin Clark

He loved Judy's plum jelly and he was an accomplished baker ...
Sharon Clark of Massachusetts, Patricia Clark of Texas, Caroline Clark Williams of Kentucky, Adriane Southwick of Owensboro and Crystal Markley of Pennsylvania; 13 grandchildren; one great ...

Searchers find no trace of missing Clevel

Liberty County Sheriff Bobby Rader (right) confers with Tim Miller, founder of Texas EquuSearch, and EquuSearch volunteers Shar Wofford and Mike Joy at a dig site on CR 325 off of Plum Grove Road. The search team was looking for any sign of Larry Baker ...

Rad Weaver

He is a Partner in many companies including Plum Grove, Ltd., Patton Medical Devices ...
Mr. Weaver holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from the University of Texas at Austin.

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Funeral services for Hazel Burton, age 96, of Plum Grove, Texas, were held Thursday, A u g u s t 25, 2011, 11:00 a.m. at Plum Grove Ass e m b l y of God C h u r c h with Rev. E r n i e Parker officiating. Interment will follow at Plum Grove Cemetery.

Ivan Arrendell

FREDERICKSBURG — Ivan William Arrendell was born Dec. 15, 1952, in Cleveland, Texas, to Theodore Roosevelt Arrendell and Lessie Patterson Arrendell. Ivan was reared near Cleveland, at Plum Grove, Texas. He attended Huffman High School, but instead of ...

2 wildfires burning north of Houston

Multiple fire departments and the Texas Forest Service were battling the grass fire that nearly consumed a fire truck. Elsewhere an uncontrolled burn east of Splendora in Plum Grove on FM 1010 set as much as 10 acres of woods on fire.

Neuharth: Cheerleading Week worth cheering about

Cheerleading Week was founded in 2005 by Linda Lundy, who lives in tiny Plum Grove, Texas, population 600. Lundy has been involved in cheer, dance, gymnastics and other group sporting activities for most of her life. She's 63, but says she's "18 with 45 ...

Liberty Co. wildfire contained; mandatory evacuations lifted

Fire officials were working a forest fire that began near the intersection of County Road 347 and FM 1010 in the community of Plum Grove, which is located approximately six miles south of Cleveland, Texas. According to fire officials and investigators at ...

Suspects arrested in Tarkington Prairie & Plum Grove burglaries

Decarious Rucker was located on Holly St. in Cleveland, Texas. While he was arrested ...
with 13 burglaries in the Plum Grove area with another fifteen in Tarkington Prairie. The alleged burglars took rifles, shotguns, handguns, and flat screen televisions.

Take A Walk In London - Hampstead and Hampstead Heath

Keat's Grove The lovely village of Hampstead offers shopping opportunities in the upscale neighbourhood, and lovely gardens to discover along the way, to our final destination of Hampstead Heath. You …

Arrived in Osaka

For the next tree to four days I’m staying in Osaka, and if I have some spare time, I want to catch up with my blogs about the last two weeks. But first things first; Osaka. Right now I’m sitting in m…



Five Days in March – 3/21/15 through 3/25/15

“Real poetry, is to lead a beautiful life. To live poetry is better than to write it.” ~ Matsuo Basho Bee’s eye view of a primrose on 3/21/14. Click here to go to the past post for March 21, 2012, …

Pioneer Girl, Pt 4: Pa Ditches His Lease and You Can Buy a Wife in the Newspaper! (But Don’t.)

Happy Sunday!  I was super lazy all day yesterday and got almost nothing done, so I’m going to be running around like a crazy person all day today.  Here’s the next part of Pioneer Girl before I comme…

Plum Trees in Limelight at Yokokan

I visited the illumination event held at Yokokan Garden the other night. After appreciating the tranquil beauty of the whole landscape, I looked for plum blossoms which I knew must be blooming somewhe…

Things to do in Japan in Spring: Plum Blossom at Osaka Castle 梅大 坂城

Every year in Spring I visit Osaka Castle to view Cherry Blossoms, it’s a ritual that I absolutely enjoy. Believe it or not but only this year I discovered the beauty of Plum Blossoms and although eve…

Plum Grove in Osaka Castle

Plum or Ume (梅)blossom indicates that winter has ended and spring season is right on your doorstep. This beautiful flower comes into bloom during February to March and in that period, people can enjoy…

Tsukigase Plum Grove in Nara

Around March 10th in 2012, I visited Tsukigase village, which is famous for its gorgeous plum grove. Tsukigase is located on the north side of Yamato Highland, which borders Kyoto, Nara and Mie Prefec…

Plum Blossom in Century Park

Plum Blossom On Sunday we went in search of Plum Blossom.  I had already seen many sprigs of artificial plum blossom for sale in the run up to The Spring Festival.  People like to have it in their ho…


Cautions with Jasbug in PLUM GROVE TEXAS

The "Jasbug" is a flaw in the way that computers have access to a network. If any of the hackers had known this since 2000, they could have used to infiltrate computer systems company and take complete control.

Suppose you use your laptop and public access to Wi-Fi to connect to the office computers. Hackers nearby could spy, steal documents or introduce malware ... I mean, everything.

There is still no evidence that someone has taken advantage of Jasbug and did this. But it may be too early to say.

Microsoft considered that the gravity of this situation was "critical". Even Alert guaranteed by the Department of Homeland Security and similar warnings from major companies in cybersecurity.

Jasbug affects everything from Windows Vista to Windows 8.1 newer. This is the kind of problem that will give you many headaches for system administrators and IT staff of the company.

Some mistakes are too embedded in the code. The Jasbug was so embedded that Microsoft had to return to restructure some basic parts of Windows.

Consider this another example of that small defects embedded in computer code could give you problems later. In fact, Microsoft did not even find on your own.

Jeff Schmidt, an independent researcher JAS Global Advisors in Chicago, discovered a year ago while working on another project. He alerted Microsoft and have since worked together to fix this error.

Why it took so long to fix it? Jasbug is a problem with the design of the Microsoft operating system itself. The company had to restructure basic parts of your engine giant ... and test it thoroughly to make sure it still worked fine.

Microsoft can not afford to make arrangements affecting a complete system. Remember that according Netmarketshare, Windows is used by 91% of computers worldwide. [10]


Register now and request your ballots for the year in PLUM GROVE TEXAS

The Federal Post Card Application (FPCA) registers you to vote, and acts as a request for your State absentee ballots for the year. It is important to complete a new FPCA annually, every time you move or at least 90 days prior to the election you want to vote in.

Completing a new FPCA is easy at

  • Select your State from the drop-down on the home page
  • Click the box at the bottom of the page to Register to Vote, Request a Ballot or Update My Voter Info
  • The FVAP online tool will walk you through the form, and provide you with a PDF packet to print, sign and send directly to your local election official (LEO); links are also provided here for States that offer online voter registration
  • You can check the status of your registration and/or ballot request by contacting your LEO at any time

Remember, the only way your LEO knows how to reach you is with the information you provide! Some States allow a longer time between registrations, but if you submit a new FPCA every year, you wont have to worry about your registration or ballot request status and can participate in all the elections* you´re eligible to.

* While there are no regularly scheduled elections for Federal offices, there may be some elections for office which are vacated by the end of the term. Being registered ensures you will be able to participate in these elections.


If you experience any issues or have questions, FVAPs call center is available at 1-800-438-VOTE (8683), DSN 425-1584 or at Toll-free phone numbers from 67 countries are listed at Find us on Facebook at /DoDFVAP and follow @FVAP on Twitter.

PDF version of FVAP Voter Alert #1


The importance of local education funding in PLUM GROVE TEXAS

Yesterday, President Obama spoke to the Council of the Great City Schools about the exceptional progress being made within local and state education levels. The work of our administrators and educators has been more impactful than ever, resulting in higher standardized test scores in some of the previously lowest-performing schools and increased resources for students.

In fact, more graduation caps are going airborne as high school students are graduating at the highest rate ever recorded, with the largest improvement among minority and low-income students.

See what President Obama had to say about what we must do to improve access to quality education in America: 

This funding is an investment in our nation's future that has been able to give the kind of education our children need and deserve to compete in the 21st century. 

President Obama hopes that the upcoming budget plan by the Republican House and Senate will reflect the priorities of educating every child. If their new budget maintains sequester-level funding of the past, we would actually be giving less federal support to America’s schools than we were back in 2000.

Most alarmingly, if their current proposal is not changed, over the next six years, billions of dollars would be cut in education funding. That means we'd be cutting the support given to America's most impoverished schools, the funding that has helped create the progress we're seeing today. 

"The notion that we would be going backwards instead of forwards in how we’re devoting resources to educating our kids makes absolutely no sense." 



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