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Donnelly: LWCF ‘Important Resource for Indiana’s Recreation Economy, Conservation Efforts’

Announces support for Permanent Reauthorization of the Land and Water Conservation Fund Washington, D.C. —U.S. Senator Joe ...
Reauthorizing LWCF would benefit Indiana, continuing and strengthening efforts to conserve parks, lands, and wildlife habitat ...

Lunch talk will focus on Lincoln's Indiana years

Washington A talk on President Lincoln's growing-up years in Southern Indiana will be presented by local historian Bill Bartelt on Wednesday at a League of Women Voters' "Lunch with The League." The program will be at 11:30 a.m. at the Evansville YWCA and ...

Detroit Pistons vs. Washington Wizards: Live Score, Highlights and Reaction

Washington has fallen to fifth in the Eastern Conference standings and is just a half-game up on the sixth-place Milwaukee Bucks. Meanwhile, Detroit is fighting for its playoff life. The Pistons enter Saturday night's matchup one game behind the Indiana ...

Indiana's Pence among the few to deflect 2016 GOP question

PALM BEACH, Florida (AP) — Some Republicans meeting conservatives in Washington and Palm Beach, Florida, in the past few days have spoken openly about possible presidential campaigns. Not Indiana Gov. Mike Pence. Pence tells about 200 fiscal ...

FEMA suspends hazard mitigation funds for Indiana

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) - Indiana plans to take legal action against the city of Kokomo after unresolved compliance issues with its baseball stadium project spurred federal officials to freeze more than $6 million in hazard mitigation grants for the entire state ...

'Weakness arouses evil,' Indiana Gov. Pence tells CPAC

Send me to Washington, D.C., and I'll fight to make it more possible for the next person leading my state to govern with more freedom and flexibility.' " Pence has said he won't make a decision on a presidential bid until Indiana's 2015 legislative session ...

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence to conservatives: 'Dramatically increase' defense spending

(AP) — Indiana Gov. Mike Pence says America will not be safe unless ...
House prospects to appear at the Conservative Political Action Conference in suburban Washington. The former congressman says it's "imperative that conservatives again embrace ...

Indiana Exports Hit Record Level

Washington -- Merchandise exports from Indiana hit $35.5 billion in 2014, reaching a new record. Indiana's exports in 2014 helped the U.S. achieve a record high for goods and services exports: $2.35 trillion. Goods exports from Indiana supported an ...

Uninsured rate dips slightly in Indiana

WASHINGTON – More Hoosier adults have health insurance since major parts of the Affordable Care Act took effect last year, according to a Gallup survey released Tuesday. But the uninsured rate didn’t fall as much in Indiana as it did in states that ...

Pence says, ‘My head’s in Indiana,’ but won’t shut 2016 door

"My head's in Indiana," Pence said in an interview Saturday with reporters from The Washington Post. Once Indiana's legislative session concludes at the end of April, he said, he and his family will "search our hearts and see where we feel called to serve."

Man dies in Washington County wreck

An Ohio man died Sunday morning in a one-car wreck on a Washington County interstate, according to Coroner Tim Warco. Ryan F. Rungo, 28, of … Man dies in Washington County wreck

Tribes from around US converge in Washington state to discuss pros, cons of legal marijuana

TULALIP, Washington – The Justice Department’s December announcement that it would allow the nation’s Indian tribes to legalize and regulate marijuana on their reservations brought notes of caution – …

7th Person In Washington To Catch Measles Is Whatcom Man

SEATTLE (AP) — State health officials say a Whatcom County man is the seventh person in Washington state to get the measles this year. Health Department spokesman Donn Moyer says the man was exposed …

Cheapest Hotels in Washington, US

Tripcos.com is giving you a chance to save a great deal of money on some of the hotels in Washington D.C. Washington DC is home to the houses of the parliament of the United States of America. The cit…

Cheapest 5 Star Hotels in Washington D.C, USA

Now is the time for you to explore the luxury life that you deserve. Save 5% on all 5 star hotels in Washington D.C by visit Tripcos.com now. This hotel promotion is only going to last for a short per…

Marijuana is legal in Washington, D.C. — kind of

As of midnight on 12:01 a.m. Thursday, marijuana became legal in Washington, D.C. But those looking to smoke a joint on the National Mall or have a puff while strolling past the White House are in for…


Mhe. Ismail Jussa (Muwakilishi wa Stone, Town, Zanzibar) kupitia chama cha wanainchi CUF na mjumbe wa UKAWA atakuwepo Washington, D.C. (DMV) kuongea na waTanzania Jumamosi February 28, 2015 kuanzia sa…

HUSSEIN Obama’s Subterfuge Via Iran’s Centrifuges:”Israel’s Voice” Takes Charge In Washington, D.C. March 3. Raise Your Voices Too! Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

IT is impossible to overstate the unfolding dangers – relative to the entire civilized world – as HUSSEIN Obama assists Iran’s genocidal mullahs to reach a weapons grade finish line, even as he extend…

10 Things to do in Washington State

I grew up in Federal Way, Washington, a smallish city south of Seattle. And here’s the first thing you need to know about Washington State. It’s really, truly beautiful! I promise, flying into SeaTac …

Mother of Mexican man shot by police in Washington state says officers should go to prison

KENNEWICK, Washington – Agapita Montes-Rivera’s first trip to the United States included viewing the body of her son, who was shot and killed by police in Washington state in a case that has sparked p…


Filing A Charge of Discrimination on WASHINGTON INDIANA

If you believe that you have been discriminated against at work because of your race, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy), national origin, age (40 or older), disability or genetic information, you can file a Charge of Discrimination. All of the laws enforced by EEOC, except for the Equal Pay Act, require you to file a Charge of Discrimination with us before you can file a job discrimination lawsuit against your employer. In addition, an individual, organization, or agency may file a charge on behalf of another person in order to protect the aggrieved person´s identity. There are time limits for filing a charge.

Note: Federal employees and job applicants have similar protections, but a different complaint process.

If you file a charge, you may be asked to try to settle the dispute through mediation. Mediation is an informal and confidential way to resolve disputes with the help of a neutral mediator. If the case is not sent to mediation, or if mediation doesn´t resolve the problem, the charge will be given to an investigator.

If an investigation finds no violation of the law, you will be given a Notice of Right to Sue. This notice gives you permission to file suit in a court of law. If a violation is found, we will attempt to reach a voluntary settlement with the employer. If we cannot reach a settlement, your case will be referred to our legal staff (or the Department of Justice in certain cases), who will decide whether or not the agency should file a lawsuit. If we decide not to file a lawsuit, we will give you a Notice of Right to Sue.

In some cases, if a charge appears to have little chance of success, or if it is something that we don´t have the authority to investigate, we may dismiss the charge without doing an investigation or offering mediation.

Many states and local jurisdictions have their own anti-discrimination laws, and agencies responsible for enforcing those laws (Fair Employment Practices Agencies, or FEPAs). If you file a charge with a FEPA, it will automatically be "dual-filed" with EEOC if federal laws apply. You do not need to file with both agencies.



A generic drug is an identical copy of another factory named

1. What are generic drugs?

A generic drug is an identical copy of another factory named. The same dosage, safety, strength, desired effect, how to use and final results, unless the trademark.

2. Are the equally safe generic drugs to leading factory name? 

Yes. The FDA requires that all drugs are safe and effective. Being that the generic use the same active ingredients and work in the body in the same way as the original, also have the same risks and benefits.

 3. Are the equally powerful to the original generic drugs?

Yes. The FDA requires that generic drugs are of the same quality, strength, purity and stability as their counterparts with factory name.

4. generic drugs need more time to work in the body?

No. Generic drugs work in the same way and for the same period of time the drugs trade name.

5. Why are generic drugs less expensive?

One of the main reasons is because the manufacturers of generic drugs did not have to invest money to the developers of the original drug spent on the new product. New drugs are developed and protected by a patent. The patent protects the investment-including research, development, distribution and advertising-giving the company the sole right to sell the drug while it remains in effect. When approaching the expiration of the patent, manufacturers pueded submit an application to the FDA to sell generic versions of the drug. Since these manufacturers do not incur these costs desarrolllo the product as the first, can sell the generic version at substantial discounts. There is also more competition and less advertising, which helps keep the price down. Today, almost half of all drug prescriptions are replaced with generic versions.

6. Are drugs with name brand, produced in more modern facilities than generic?

No. Both facilities must meet manufacturing requirements required by the FDA. The agency does not allow drug manufacturing facilities of inferior quality. The FDA annually conducts about 3,500 inspections to ensure that regulations are met. The signatures of generic drugs work comparable to those of drugs called factory facilities. Indeed, the producers of original drugs produce approximately about 50 percent of generic drugs; frequently make copies of their own brand and other firms that are sold without the original name.

7. If the name drugs and generic factory have the same active ingredients, why they look different?

In the United States the law does not allow a generic drug look exactly the same to another name or trademark. However, a generic drug must duplicate the active ingredient of the original. The colors, flavors and some inactive ingredients may be different.

8. Is it necessary that every drug has a generic equivalent?

No. When drugs called factory were introduced, most of which were protected by a patent for 17 years.This provided protection to the originator that covered the initial costs (including research and marketing expenses) to develop the new drug. However, when the patent expires, other companies can introduce genetic competing versions, but only after being put to thorough testing by the manufacturer and FDA approved.

 9. What is the best source of information about generic drugs?

Contact your doctor, pharmacist, or insurance company for more information about its generic drugs. You can also visit the FDA on the Internet: Understanding Generic Drugs. [5]

Schools and libraries with Wi-Fi in WASHINGTON INDIANA ?

In June 2013, I joined the President in Mooresville, NC, to launch ConnectED – an initiative to close the technology gap in our schools and bring high-speed Internet to 99 percent of America’s students within five years. This vision – that all students should have access to world-class digital learning – is well on its way to becoming a reality.

Thanks to the leadership of the President and the FCC, the resources are in place to meet the President’s connectivity goal. In addition, various private-sector partners are making over $2 billion worth of resources available to students, teachers, and schools. These include tablets, mobile broadband, software, and online teacher professional development courses from top universities. Fewer than 40 percent of public schools currently have the high-speed Internet needed to support modern digital learning.

But now we have the resources to solve this problem. We just need help from our nation’s superintendents and school technology chiefs.

Last year, the FCC approved the first major update to the E-Rate program since it was created in 1997. E-Rate (also known as the Universal Service Program for Schools and Libraries) makes it more affordable for schools and libraries to connect to high-speed Internet – with the goal of making the gigabit speeds we see in cities like Cedar Falls, Iowa, and Chattanooga, Tennessee the norm in schools across the country.

These updates have unlocked funding to support internal Wi-Fi network upgrades in schools and libraries this year for the first time since 2012. Wi-Fi is important because no matter how fast the Internet connection is to a school, students can’t take full advantage of it without a robust wireless network within the school.

To secure E-rate support for Wi-Fi, schools and libraries must submit a form describing their project needs to the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC). USAC then posts the request for competitive bidding. The Department of Education has prepared an Infrastructure Guide to help district leaders navigate the many decisions required to deliver cutting-edge connectivity to students. That said, schools and libraries have the final say when they submit an application to USAC for approval.

Bringing our schools up to speed is a major priority, and E-rate provides an opportunity to make doing so much more affordable. For all of the superintendents and technology officers: If you haven’t yet done so, get your requests submitted by February 26, 2015, and your applications in before March 26, 2015 (requests must be up for 28 days before a school can choose a vendor). Your students, your community, and your country will thank you for bringing our classrooms into the 21st century. [20]


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