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Island City Stage announces 2015-2016 season

Gay theater comes to Wilton Manors. LGBT plays to be staged in Wilton Manors theater. Island City Stage moves to Wilton Manors for 2015-2016 season. For the 2015-2016 season, Island City Stage will make a move. The theater company, known for its LGBT ...

Politicians turn Florida into for-profit college paradise

“That’s not what we do.” There’s a long list of Florida students with grievances against Corinthian. Peggy Lee Tallyn, a 71-year-old from Wilton Manors, turned to Everest in 2010 for medical coding and billing training after the recession killed ...

Wilton Manors Island City Summer Camp Returns with an Extra Week for Even More Summer Time Adventure

WILTON MANORS, Fla., April 21, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Wilton Manors' annual Island City Summer Camp returns for its 26 th year with even more opportunities for summer-time adventure. This year's program has been extended from 10 to 11 weeks starting June 8 ...

Burglar ransacked home, forced homeowner to withdraw money at bank, police say

When a burglar ransacking a Wilton Manors home was interrupted by the homeowner, his crime quickly turned violent, then escalated into false imprisonment and grand theft auto, according to police. David Bryant, 47, faces 12 charges including two first ...

South Florida doctor speaks about effects of carbon monoxide


Dad dead, 5 others sickened from carbon monoxide in Florida

WILTON MANORS, Fla. — A Florida father has died and five others were sickened from carbon monoxide poisoning after the family car was left running in the garage. Broward Sheriff's officials said two neighbors were heading to the gym Monday morning when ...

Carbon Monoxide Kills 1, Sickens 5 in Wilton Manors

A Florida father died and five others were sickened from carbon monoxide poisoning after the family car was ...
His wife and 11-year-old daughter were also found unconscious inside the Wilton Manors townhome. The two were taken to the hospital along ...


So,  I’ve discovered how to love Grindr: Making use of it for entertainment purposes. Hook ups are nice and all,  but when you’re hooking up with a picture,  sometimes – no,  most of the time – the r…

Carpenter Wilton Manors (FL) – Wilton Manors Carpenters

Carpenter Wilton Manors (FL) Lending helping hands when you need masterpieces built in Wilton Manors (FL). Papa’s Carpenter Specialists in Wilton Manors, Florida work with, builds and fixes items an…

Carpenter Wilton Manors (FL) – Wilton Manors Carpenters

Carpenter Wilton Manors (FL) Lending helping hands when you need masterpieces built in Wilton Manors (FL). Papa’s Carpenter Specialists in Wilton Manors, Florida work with, builds and fixes items an…

Richardson Historic Park and Nature Preserve – Wilton Manors, FL

I first discovered this park while driving through Wilton Manors with my brother and his girlfriend. I saw what looked like a lush area with some kayaks and was like “oh shit.” I was shocked I let tha…

Father Dead, 5 Others Sickened From Carbon Monoxide In Florida

WILTON MANORS, Fla. (CBS Tampa/AP) — A Florida father has died and five others were sickened from carbon monoxide poisoning after the family car was left running in the garage. Broward Sheriff’s offi…

Free Art Walk events in Broward, including Hollywood and Wilton Manors this weekend

Stroll and browse art pieces on display at galleries, on sidewalks or in studios at free art walk events in Broward. Some events include live music, artists at work and food vendors. Before going to …

The Czar of Wilton Drive by R.P. Andrews blog tour | Spotlight, Guest Post & Giveaway {Indigo Marketing}

PUBLISHER:  Kokoro PressRELEASE DATE: July 8th, 2014Book Links:Kokoro Press | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Goodreads The Czar of Wilton Drive, the story of Jonathan Antonu…

Blogtour/Guest Post: The Czar Of Wilton Drive by R.P. Andrews

Today we welcome R.P. Andrews with  The Czar Of Wilton Drive Blurb: The Czar of Wilton Drive, the story of Jonathan Antonucci, a 21 year old, barely-out-the-closet gay man from suburban New York wh…

Sleepy River Acres /Wilton Manors

Click for details beautifully landscaped, large pool in a huge back yard.  3 bedroom, 2 full baths, 2 half baths. Minutes from Wilton Drive

Wilton Manors 6 Month Smile is usually noted to visit the use Associated

In the current contemporary society, possessing beautiful, right tooth is usually extremely desired. Mother and father will certainly invest lots of money throughout Pompano Beach Orthodontist to make…


The importance of local education funding in WILTON MANORS FLORIDA

Yesterday, President Obama spoke to the Council of the Great City Schools about the exceptional progress being made within local and state education levels. The work of our administrators and educators has been more impactful than ever, resulting in higher standardized test scores in some of the previously lowest-performing schools and increased resources for students.

In fact, more graduation caps are going airborne as high school students are graduating at the highest rate ever recorded, with the largest improvement among minority and low-income students.

See what President Obama had to say about what we must do to improve access to quality education in America: 

This funding is an investment in our nation's future that has been able to give the kind of education our children need and deserve to compete in the 21st century. 

President Obama hopes that the upcoming budget plan by the Republican House and Senate will reflect the priorities of educating every child. If their new budget maintains sequester-level funding of the past, we would actually be giving less federal support to America’s schools than we were back in 2000.

Most alarmingly, if their current proposal is not changed, over the next six years, billions of dollars would be cut in education funding. That means we'd be cutting the support given to America's most impoverished schools, the funding that has helped create the progress we're seeing today. 

"The notion that we would be going backwards instead of forwards in how we’re devoting resources to educating our kids makes absolutely no sense." 



A generic drug is an identical copy of another factory named

1. What are generic drugs?

A generic drug is an identical copy of another factory named. The same dosage, safety, strength, desired effect, how to use and final results, unless the trademark.

2. Are the equally safe generic drugs to leading factory name? 

Yes. The FDA requires that all drugs are safe and effective. Being that the generic use the same active ingredients and work in the body in the same way as the original, also have the same risks and benefits.

 3. Are the equally powerful to the original generic drugs?

Yes. The FDA requires that generic drugs are of the same quality, strength, purity and stability as their counterparts with factory name.

4. generic drugs need more time to work in the body?

No. Generic drugs work in the same way and for the same period of time the drugs trade name.

5. Why are generic drugs less expensive?

One of the main reasons is because the manufacturers of generic drugs did not have to invest money to the developers of the original drug spent on the new product. New drugs are developed and protected by a patent. The patent protects the investment-including research, development, distribution and advertising-giving the company the sole right to sell the drug while it remains in effect. When approaching the expiration of the patent, manufacturers pueded submit an application to the FDA to sell generic versions of the drug. Since these manufacturers do not incur these costs desarrolllo the product as the first, can sell the generic version at substantial discounts. There is also more competition and less advertising, which helps keep the price down. Today, almost half of all drug prescriptions are replaced with generic versions.

6. Are drugs with name brand, produced in more modern facilities than generic?

No. Both facilities must meet manufacturing requirements required by the FDA. The agency does not allow drug manufacturing facilities of inferior quality. The FDA annually conducts about 3,500 inspections to ensure that regulations are met. The signatures of generic drugs work comparable to those of drugs called factory facilities. Indeed, the producers of original drugs produce approximately about 50 percent of generic drugs; frequently make copies of their own brand and other firms that are sold without the original name.

7. If the name drugs and generic factory have the same active ingredients, why they look different?

In the United States the law does not allow a generic drug look exactly the same to another name or trademark. However, a generic drug must duplicate the active ingredient of the original. The colors, flavors and some inactive ingredients may be different.

8. Is it necessary that every drug has a generic equivalent?

No. When drugs called factory were introduced, most of which were protected by a patent for 17 years.This provided protection to the originator that covered the initial costs (including research and marketing expenses) to develop the new drug. However, when the patent expires, other companies can introduce genetic competing versions, but only after being put to thorough testing by the manufacturer and FDA approved.

 9. What is the best source of information about generic drugs?

Contact your doctor, pharmacist, or insurance company for more information about its generic drugs. You can also visit the FDA on the Internet: Understanding Generic Drugs. [5]

Protect Your Business in WILTON MANORS FLORIDA from Spring Weather Threats

This winter has been particularly harsh for businesses in the northeast and parts of the southern U.S., as record snowfalls and frigid temperatures forced many companies to close their doors for several days.

Many parts of the country are bracing for possible spring floods that may follow when the snow melts. Meanwhile, April through June is the peak time for tornadoes, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). The Southeast, Midwest, the Gulf States and the South Central region are particularly vulnerable to these dangerous windstorms.

Now is a good time to make a plan to protect your clients, customers and your business for the threats caused by spring storms and floods. Join the U.S. Small Business Administration and Agility Recovery on Tuesday, March 10 at 2 p.m. EDT for a free webinar on best practices for mitigating spring weather risks. These preparedness tips are based on real-life recovery experiences from business owners.

The SBA has partnered with Agility to offer business continuity strategies through its “PrepareMyBusiness” website. Visit www.preparemybusiness.org to access previous webinars and for additional preparedness tips.

The SBA provides disaster recovery assistance in the form of low-interest loans to homeowners, renters, private nonprofits and businesses of all sizes. To learn more, visit www.sba.gov/disaster.

WHAT: “Preparing for Severe Spring Weather” - A presentation from Agility CEO Bob Boyd, followed by a question and answer session.

WHEN: Tuesday, March 10, 2015 from 2 –3 p.m. EDT

Space is limited. Register at http://agil.me/springprepsba

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